Project #20653 - Global Business

Global Business


Assignment 1


Format: Formal Report

Weighting: 50%

Submission date: 9th January 2014

Word count:  2500  (+/- 10%)

Case study business: Elecdyne



Demonstrate an understanding and ability to critically analyse, evaluate and appraise the key internal and external contexts in which global business operates, and the ways in global business reacts to those contexts and changes in them in terms of comparison, evaluation, and subsequent strategy integration, synthesis, formulation and validation.

Assignment format:

Introduction –

Summarise Elecdyne current position.

Name the three countries you will be considering for relocation.

STEEP Analysis-

Introduce STEEP. Why are you using it?

STEEP analysis of the external environment.

Porter’s Diamond-

Explanation of Porter’s Diamond and linking to Elecdyne.

Relocation options-

Introduction to three countries.

Outline any key factors e.g. type of economy, main industries, growing economy…

Internal analysis

Analyse each county for their strength and weaknesses for finance, resources and labour.


Compile a PEST analysis for your three countries.

Weighted Analysis-

Compile a table with weightings for each country.

Elecdyne decision-

Strategy – consider foreign domestic investment - joint venture, mergers and acquisitions and greenfield sites.


Er3S72 Advice on structure for assignment


·       Introduction should have brief description of company situation and what the report will cover.


·       Current / Future Business Environment

o   Steep - table / group trend map with referenced material from web, journal articles, etc.


·       Choices for Company

·       Brief Justification of 3 countries to compare with Japan.


·       Briefly explain and justify analytical structure to use e.g. swot & pest/pestle/steep combination table (use reference to assist justification if possible). And outline weights to be used (small table would be sufficient).


·       Table(s) of data an analysis should include:-


·       Strengths and Weaknesses with sub headings.


·       Analysis of 3 countries against Japan :-Opportunities and threats combined with pest / pestle / steep should include weightings and calculations. It also needs to present data for Japan and 3 other countries chosen. Real data included should include cost, technology, market, culture and risk data. Exchange rate data and cluster data may also be suitable here.


o    You may wish to have summary table of the scores for the countries, for the pest / pestle / steep


·       Then discussion of location decision (i.e. which country and why, using the summary)


·       Choice of Method (Joint ventures, Greenfield sites, Mergers /Acquisitions)

·       Table explaining different choices available and strengths and weaknesses of each.

·       Choice of method and why. (Speed, Control Cost, Risk etc)


·       Brief conclusion


·       References


Carrier, C. Cossette, P and Verstraete, T. (2000) Experimental implementation of a new creative method to support futurology by small businesses in a strategic management perspective. Journal of Enterprising Culture. Vol. 8, No. 2, pp121-140. 

CIA (2010) World Fact Book. Available at: (Accessed on 28.11.11)





Er3S72 Assignment 1 Advice


Basic Question

·       From theme 1.

  • Identify the factors that you think Elecdyne should collect information on for creation of its internationalisation strategy,
  • Present these within an appropriate analytical framework for the 3 countries you think Elecdyne should consider internationalising to, ensuring that you are also able to compare with Japan.

·       From theme 2:

  • Use an appropriate analytical framework, undertake an appropriately weighted internal and external analysis for Elecdyne, for the external factors analysing  3 countries we should consider internationalising to comparing with Japan,
  • concluding  with decisions on which country to internationalise to,
  • how,
  • and why). 



One Suggested Approach to tackling the above:-




·       Introduction From Theme 1 Task 1:

·       Identify, using any frameworks necessary, the key trends likely to affect Elecdyne over the next 5 years

·       From Theme 1 Task 5, (and anything relevant from theme 2 tasks 7 and 9)

·       identify the factors that you think Elecdyne should collect information on for creation of its internationalisation strategy.

·       From Theme 2 Task 10

·       Identify the appropriate analytical framework to present the analysis within.

·       Identify the internal and external factors that you believe should be included in the analysis

·       From Theme 2 Task 6 (and theme 2 task 10)

·       Undertake the internal analysis  of the company’s situation in order to identify the external weightings you would give to the external factors

·       From Theme 2 Task 10

·       Undertake an appropriately weighted analysis, using the data from Theme 1 tasks 2,3, and 5, and tasks 7 and 9 of theme 2 (for the external factors analysing  3 countries we should consider internationalising to comparing with Japan, concluding  with a decision on which country to internationalise to

(This element will make up 70-80% of the total marks for the assignment)



·       From Theme 1 Task 4

·       Identify the key factors that Elecdyne should consider when deciding how to internationalise (Joint Venture, Greenfield Site, Merger / Acquisition)

·       Identify an appropriate analytical framework to use when presenting these factors (and justify).

·       Use the information gathered for the country you have decided to internationalise to, any relevant information you gathered from theme 2 task 8, and any information from Elecdyne’s internal position that you identified from Theme 2 task 6, and Theme 2 Task 10, to analyse which strategy (Joint venture, Greenfield site, Merger Acquisition) is most appropriate, and why


(This element will make up 20-30% of the total marks for the assignment)


Please note, you may, if you wish incorporate PART B into Part A.


IMPORTANT : If you structure the assignment as suggested above, please make sure that Part B is clearly linked to part A (i.e. if you have chosen a particular country to internationalise to then you focus on that country for part B and don’t need to present data in part B for the countries rejected as a location in part A). 

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 01/15/2014 12:00 am
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