Project #20301 - monday 23/12


Answer the following questions:


    • Survey at least three people you know about stereotypes in their workplace or campus. For example, stereotypes may exist about marketing executives and accountants. Or, on a college campus, they may exist for those who have joined a fraternity or other club.
    • Ask each person how accurate they believe these stereotypes are and if they are positive or negative. Make sure to include an explanation as to why they feel this way.
    • Ask each person if they allow stereotypes to influence how they treat others.  Make sure to include an explanation of how it does influence them or how it does not.
  • Add your own conclusions to the report.


In this assignment outline core principles of Andragogy and the Learner's Need to Know.


  1. creating a PowerPoint presentation outlining principles of Andragogy and the Learner's Need to Know.
  2. Please include enough detail to make your PowerPoint comprehensive, with at least 3 from the following major concepts .Self directed learning, (grow’s stages in learning autonomy) readiness to learn, motivation to learn or orientation to learning and problem solving.
  3. The slideshow presentation must be a minimum of 12 slides.


  • Slide One should be the title page with the participant's name.

  • The final slide should include all of the sources used.

  • Each slide must have at least one citation.


·         You must include notes. Your PowerPoint should have eye appeal and bullets. The detail should be in the notes.


You are preparing a report in preparation for developing new Computer Based Instruction (CBI) for your University.  Your report, and several of your colleague’s reports, will be presented to the college president.


1.        Make up a fictitious name for your University.


2.        Briefly explain the conceptual Model of Effective Computer Based Instruction for Adults, outlining the three Units (Output, Process, and Input).  


3.        Discuss the advantages of this approach.


4.        Identify which of these Units you feel is the most important Unit in terms of creating a successful CBI. Explain your position.


Please remember to cite the text and any outside sources used.


Write an essay in response to the following Questions. Include the following in your essay:


  • An overview of mandatory benefits, along with the strategies for including each.
  • A selection of voluntary benefits, along with the strategies for including each.
  • A description of how your benefits plan will contribute to employee retention and goodwill.




 Read Case Game Not Over, Not Yet,


Write  a  paper that addresses the five discussion questions at the end of the case


1-Why are benefits strategically important to employers, and what are some key strategic considerations?


2. Discuss the following statement: “Health care costs are out of control in the United States,


and increasing conflicts between employers and employees are likely as employers try to reduce


their health benefits costs.”


3- Assume that as an HR staff member, you have been asked to research consumer-driven health plans because your employer is considering implementing one.


4- Go to a leading benefits information resource, Employee Benefit News, at, and identify the elements of a successful CDH plan and some examples of firms that use such a plan.


5-how would you oversee the design (or redesign) of a benefits program in a large organization? What issues would you consider?


Create a Five-Year Development Plan (how you plan to professionally and educationally grow). What are two to four goals which you hope to attain within five years as within your profession and education?


In this assignment you are going to discuss the steps involved in creating a learning contract. This exercise will demonstrate the phases of the Adult Learning planning process.


Complete the handout, "Creating a Learning Contract."

Complete the handout, "Contributors to Adult Learning Theories."

Complete the handout, "Theories of Learning."


Who we find sexually attractive and why is tied into culture, but there are also multiple biological factors to consider.  Select one or more studies referenced on pages 335-337 and discuss personal experiences which seem to support or refute these conclusions.


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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/23/2013 03:40 pm
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