Project #19887 - Theater

THTR 120 FINAL: The Two Marys




Your first writings should discuss your analysis and interpretation of the play.  To do this, you must decide what you think the play is “about.”  The paper needs to answer that question You must support your ideas with quotes directly from the text. .


As an example, think back to Hamlet.  Is the play about revenge, the relationships between fathers and sons, misguided or misplaced love, the quest for power, an attempt to return to the Garden of Eden—the list goes on.  I am very open to your ideas, but you have to support them by what the characters do.  Remember “triggers and heaps,” though you do not have to use those terms when you discuss the play.


Based on that analysis, decide what you see as the “Moral of the Story.” I suggest you push yourself to look beyond the “obvious” or facile.  If you think it is something cliché like “war is hell,” you want to look deeper.


Once you have your broad interpretive idea, WRITE YOUR THESIS PARAGRAPH ABOUT YOUR INTERPRETATION OF The Two Marys.  Remember, all you can use to support your ideas is what the characters do.


Then, OUTLINE the rest of your paper—essentially your argument that supports your thesis--of 750-1000 words.  The paper based on this outline will serve as the central written work for your final. REMEMBER YOU MUST CITE THE PLAY TO SUPPORT YOUR INTERPRETATION. 

Turn in your thesis paragraph and outline next Tuesday, November 26, 2013.




Develop a director’s concept—a metaphor for the play. This is based on your analysis and interpretation of the text. For this step, write at last two  paragraphs stating your metaphor and summarizing the actions in the play that led you to it.

 Then decide on the kind of actor-audience relationship you would like to use to stage your production.  You have your choice of a proscenium theatre, a thrust stage, theatre in the round, environmental theatre, or some variation of these that you may envision. Write 250-500 words supporting this choice with arguments as to why this kind of staging will best serve your presentation and the audience’s understanding of the play’s metaphor.

Then provide a character analysis.  For each character in the play, please answer the following questions in 250 words:

a.       Who am I? (this should include a physical description)

b.      Where am I?

c.       How did I get here?

d.      What do I want?

e.       What am I willing to do to get what I want? (This should include a discussion of the character’s moral values based on their actions).





Develop a set design for the play—create images that visualize that metaphor and bring it to life. For this step, write 500-750 words describing how you want to visualize the

metaphor, using the tools available to the designer—line, mass, color,  texture, etc.

THEN: Create a drawing of the set. 



For your final, you must turn in:


  1. A 750-1000 word paper stating your interpretation of the play that provides evidence supporting that interpretation.
  2. A director’s statement of the play’s central metaphor and a summary of the evidence in the play supporting  that metaphor.  This should be at least two paragraphs.
  3. 250-500 words describing and supporting your choice of the audience-actor relationship that you believe will best convey your presentation and the audience understands of your metaphor.
  4. 250 word analysis of each character in the play.
  5. 500-750 words on how your set design would convey images of that metaphor to the audience, and how you would use the designer’s tools to create those images.
  6. A drawing of your set design.



On December 5th and December 10th, you will present the work you have completed to the class.  You must turn in all completed work NO LATER THAN noon on Monday, December 16th to room 327 in the PAHB.  LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  ON-LINE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.





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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/16/2013 11:am
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