Project #19829 - Final Paper


Please fully understand before working on. This paper will stem from a poerpoint I did regarding the same topic of this paper. The powerpoint that will be attached needs to turn into the contents of my final paper. This professor grades strictly to rubic! Her rubic is posted below. 

The content of your paper should: (85/100 points)

1)      Address a behavioral or mental phenomenon (e.g., language, schizophrenia)

2)      Address research or biological strategy (e.g., hormones, neurotransmitters, physiology, imaging) to explore the phenomenon

(As an example, the theme of your report might be imaging approaches to the study of schizophrenia)

3)      Provide a general overview of the topic

4)      Summarize fundamental issues, questions, and controversies

5)      Reflect relevant content

6)      Demonstrate an understanding of concepts, principles, practices, and phenomenon

7)      Elaborate on your understanding of the brain processes that are revealed through the strategy, such as imaging strategy in schizophrenia

8)      Reflect thoughtful library research and selection of research articles to illustrate relevant points

9)      Demonstrate clear and concise writing and effective communication skills

10)  Be organized in a logical and coherent manner with section headings and paragraph transitions

11)  Reflect your own writing (no cutting and pasting without attribution)

12)  Integrate course content with ideas learned from researching the topic and from the research articles


The format of your paper should be: (15/100 points)

1)      Abstract (about 100 words that summarizes the key points (statement of problem or topic, major findings, conclusion) [Post to Week 7 Abstract conference]

2)      Be 7-10 pages (1800 words), double-spaced, one-inch margins

3)      APA citation style for textbody and for all referenced sources

Your paper can be submitted in MS Word, Open Office, Pages, or as RTF format.  Your paper should be formatted in APA style (please consult the APA Style Manual, sixth edition, for proper format). It is highly advised that you take care to use proper APA style.


Thank you! 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2013 03:00 pm
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