Project #1969 - CSR 610 FP

These instruction need to be followed exactly:

Paper will include several of the following course and module objectives:

  1. Identify and prioritize ethical issues within the business setting
  2. Understand and discuss the following ethical concepts and how each affects business strategy and management:

·         Free-market vs. sustainable business economic paradigms

·         Corporate social responsibility and corporate culture and values

·         Obligation to environmental stewardship

·         Sustainable management, production and supply chain

·         Sustainable consumerism, “greening” the market

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in resolution of ethical problems which may arise in the modern, sustainable business environment


Main Elements

Your final paper will have the following elements:


·         Discuss the three pillars of the sustainable business and contrast these with “conventional” paradigms. Be sure to include the concept of economic growth vs. development. Also include a discussion of the impact on the biosphere.

·         Within the above context, compare and contrast a company of your choice that embodies the tenets of the sustainable business along with one that embodies that of the traditional model.

·         Within the above discussion elaborate on how each affects business strategy and management:

·         The business model/economic paradigm

·         CSR/corporate culture/values

·         Obligation to environmental stewardship

·         Life cycle management

·         Production

·         Supply chain practices (where do they source their inputs, etc.)

·         The relation between the business practices of each company and consumer behaviors

·         The ethics of each company’s marketing activities

·         Accounting, finance, HR, and Operations Management

·         What potential ethical issues can you identify with regard to these companies? How would you prioritize them? Explain your reasoning. How would you approach resolving these ethical problems?

Incorporates many scholarly resources effectively that reflect depth and breadth of research

Demonstrates comprehensive exploration of issues and ideas before accepting or forming an opinion or conclusion

Explores multiple issues through extensive collection and in-depth analysis of evidence to make informed conclusions


In Evaluate 10.1, you will submit your completed Final Paper through the Turnitin Assignment. Page length should be at least 11 pages, not including the cover page and a minimum of 15 resources.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 01/31/2013 12:00 pm
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