Project #19478 - English Questions

English Response 
Thoroughly discuss one topic from each book.
All work must be strictly yours—nothing from outside.
Word count of 200-300 words per answer in parentheses at end of each answer.
Due as per Schedule.
1. Roberto Ampuero: The Neruda Case
a. Growing up
b. Neruda’s Influences
c. Lost Love
d. Beatriz
e. Smarts
2. David James Duncan: The Brothers K
a. nothing is stationary
  everything wiggles (124).
b. Every consistently played fantasy sooner or later explodes into life (185).
c. Once you’re where you think you want to be you’re not there anymore (275).
d. No discuss, just try (555).
e. Nothing ends without breaking, because everything is endless (600).
3. Lorraine Hansberry: A Raisin in the Sun
a. Black and White
b. Male and Female
c. The Status Quo
d. Mindsets
e. Moving on
4. Bruce Norris: Clybourne Park
a. The Two Plays
b. The Issues
c. The Humor
d. Times Change
e. Neighborhoods
5. Robert Pinsky: Selected Poems
a. “Gulf Music” (6-9).
b. “Keyboard” (12-13).
c. “Ginza Samba” (67-68).
d. “The Figured Wheel” (135-137).
e. “The Street” (160-162).

David James Duncan: The Brothers K Test

Work alone.

30-40 word count in parentheses at end of each answer.

Due as per Schedule.

1. So there is one (246).

2. How snorely we need nthee! (262).

3. Those coaches in here think you’re stupid too, you know (295).

4. just a couple weird emergencies is all (357).

5. she left mei don’t even know why (415).

6. Peter twice thought he heard reference to some sort of cricket team or test match (495).

7. Aw, get some glasses! (521).

8. I am Crawdadman! (531).

9. Moonfish got three years too (563).

10. It was a very recent letter, from a soldier on Irwin’s fire base (596).

11. Open your fists and let go of the coals (599).

12. Did everything look normal? (617).

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/13
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