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IT-111                         Final Exam Lab Project



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In this project, you are required to create 3 related documents in Microsoft Office:


1.      A Microsoft Word business letter describing your project and explaining your need for additional funding for this project.


2.      A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet stating your present operating budget and how these funds have been spent in the past year.


3.      A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation showing your present situation, and illustrating how additional funding will improve this situation.


Here’s an example of a possible project: (You can do the project on anything.)


You currently are getting to NEIT classes on a three speed bicycle that you borrowed from your grandmother’s basement. Typically, you arrive late for class and, with winter coming, you are usually too cold to listen to the instructor. Your current operating budget is $50,000.00 per year which is the allowance that your family has decided you can safely live on without starving to death.


Your letter should be written to anyone who might have the money for your new wheels.




1. The Letter, in Microsoft Word


Dear Greg:


Lately, I have been arriving late to class due to freezing outdoor temperatures and the fact that my 3 speed bicycle only goes 10 miles per hour. I am presenting my current operating budget on a spreadsheet and, as you can see, every penny is being spent responsibly. I am asking for additional funding to buy a used Audi A6 to allow me to arrive at class on time without frostbite on my chassis. Please review the spreadsheet and see that I am justified in requesting a check for $47,000.00 to purchase the Audi.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation.



NEIT Starving student

2. The Spreadsheet, in Microsoft Excel




Assume that your present budget is $50,000.00 per year.


Your project should include a Project Title, 6 to 10 categories where your money is being spent on a monthly basis, totals for each category on the right side of the spreadsheet, month totals on the bottom of each month column, and a grand total equal to the operating budget on the bottom of the spreadsheet.



                        Greg’s Audi 6 Car Project – Where the $ went.


Operating budget: $50,000



                        January            February          March  …        December        Annual Total



Food                $100.00           $100.00           $100.00           $100.00           $1200.00


Elect                $150.00           $150.00           $150.00           $150.00           $1800.00


Beer                 $300.00           $300.00           $300.00           $300.00           $3600.00


More categories here


Mo.Total         $4166.66         $4166.66         $4166.66         $4166.66         $50,000.00


3.      The Presentation, in Microsoft Power Point



The presentation should be about 10 slides long. The first slide should name the project, followed by a few slides showing your present situation. This might include a person on a bicycle covered in icicles. There should be a few more slides to show your situation and need.


Half way through the presentation you should explain your proposed solution. In this case, a picture of the Audi would be good. The last few slides should show the problem being solved. The last slide should close the request. (“The End” would be a little crude, but acceptable in this case.)


The completed project should be printed and handed in by the end of Week 9.



Good luck, and have fun with it.

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