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Formal Report - Assignment #11.1


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Plan, draft, and produce an organized, readable, complete formal analytical report

Value: 25%

To complete this formal analytical report, you must make some choices. Some people find it easiest to define the topic/problem first, and then determine audience and purpose. You might find it easiest to first determine the type of report and then brainstorm an appropriate topic. As discussed in Assignment #10.2, it’s a good idea to list a variety of topics to choose from because some topics are more difficult to write about than others:

  • Report topic/problem: What topic or problem are you going to write on; narrow it to a size appropriate for a four to five page report.
  • Report purpose: Why are you writing the report? What audience needs will it fulfill?
  • Report type: What type of report is most logical? You can choose from a justification/recommendation report, a feasibility report or a yardstick report. The type of report is usually determined after you choose your report topic. The type follows naturally from the problem and purpose.
  • Report audience: Who needs the information you plan to research and write about? Define a specific person or group of people. Define the circumstances in which this report is needed.

When you have some ideas, test them with the following questions:

  • Is there a real need for the report? Will some action happen as a result of the data you’ve collected and written about?
  • Is there information available on your topic? It’s impossible to write a researched report when you can’t find source information. Refer back to the annotated bibliography you submitted in Module 10.


Here is a brief summary of your report requirements:

Research Log / Progress Work

You must turn in as much of your process work as possible in your research log (Assignment #11.1).

  • Planning notes
  • At least one rough draft (must show significant edits)

Your report will not be graded if this process work is missing.

Type of Report

Analytical formal report - choose one of the following:

  1. A justification/recommendation report
  2. A feasibility report
  3. A yardstick report
Format Formal, following the example shown in Figure 13.3 in Chapter 13 in your text. Notice this example is single spaced with double spacing around headings.
Documentation American Psychological Association (APA) format is explained in detail in the APA guide posted on the homepage of this class. This is an extremely important element of the assignment.
Illustrations You should try to use graphic highlighting on each page within the body of the report. Graphics must be computer generated, imported, or scanned in, and must be clearly informative and useful to the discussion, not just space fillers. Give each figure an accurate title, refer to it in the report, and indicate its source – if necessary.
Length Approximately four to five (no longer than 5) pages from introduction to recommendations; your total report including all the extra parts will be approximately 10 pages

Plan to use at least five sources of information.

  • Most of your sources will be secondary sources, which include information found in books, periodicals, and, if you must, on the World Wide Web. Remember that the web is not recommended as sources from the web are often non-academic. Be sure your sources are valid! Wikipedia would be the worst possible source you could use. If you do not understand what an academic source is, contact your instructor.
  • Also use at least one primary source. For example, information from an interview, a letter, a survey, or a questionnaire. Reports without a primary source will NOT be accepted for grading. This primary research MUST be conducted by you and the process work must be handed in.

Sources should be current, which means within the last five years. Prepare your reference page according to the APA guidelines.



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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2013 12:00 am
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