Project #18734 - Are formerly abused children more likely to commit violent crimes?

American Corrections

CRLU 203 – 101

Fall 2013


Research Paper


Due in class on: TBD

“A problem well defined is a problem half-solved.”~ unknown


Choose a research topic: What correctional issue would you be interested in studying? In other words, come up with a corrections research topic that is of interest to you and which particular aspect of the topic you plan to examine.


I will ask you to discuss your topic with me before you start writing to ensure that the topic is properly defined.


Maryland, Virginia or District or Columbia – Pick one (1): Your research issue should exist within the larger context of the American correctional system. However, after you have decided on a topic, decide which state’s correctional department you wish to explore your topic --DC, MD or VA – to identify how the issue is dealt with at a smaller scale.


Comparison section: Research the same or similar issue in the prison system in another country, of your choice. Compare and contrast the United States with your chosen country with regards to goals of incarceration, prison system organization, design and classification, incarceration trends and how both countries deal with issue you have defined.


Discussion section:

  1. Is punishment the best or necessary response to crime?
  2. Pertaining to your research problem, where are we today in the field of corrections? What are the advantages of our current correctional policies? What are the problems with our current correctional policies?
  3. Design a new model of corrections. What would it look like? Identify its features and describe the philosophical basis for your correctional model.
  4. Discuss your own feelings regarding American prisons. In particular, whether or not your perception of incarceration has changed after learning about the various problems currently facing our prison system.


Conclusion Section:

Discuss whether or not you would consider a career in corrections. Make sure to connect your answer to the challenges of corrections discussed in the book and class, in addition to the changes that are occurring in the field of corrections.



  • The paper length should be seven to ten (7-10) double spaced pages, and printed using 12-point font.
  • You must include a “References Cited” section to document the literature you will consult.
    • You must cite at least five (5) scholarly journal articles or books outside of class readings.
    • Use the American Sociological Association (ASA) citation format to references within your document (e.g., (Green 2009; Smith and Wallop 2013)).
    • I prefer that you cite outside sources and put ideas into your own words, rather than using long quotations. However, a few short quotations are acceptable.



Make sure your paper has an introduction, body and conclusion.

  1. Introduction: put forth your argument.
  2. Body: use corrections concepts and ideas to explain and support your position.
  3. Conclusion: re-emphasize your argument by using corrections concepts and ideas.


Grading Criteria:

  1. Pick one (1) theme and stick to it.
  2. Use of conflict resolution/alternative dispute resolution strategies for managing conflict.
  3. Paper follows the structure of introduction, body and conclusion.
  4. Paper is written so that it can be understood; that is, it has clarity and coherence.


Writing Tips:

  1. The first paragraph of any writing assignment is the most important. In effect, the first paragraph should serve as an outline or abstract of your paper. Each following sentence or section in the first paragraph should introduce the various subtopics of the paper in sequential order. The second paragraph should then introduce your first subtopic, and so on.
  2. Start with an outline, and then start writing.
  3. Use headings and sub-headings (e.g., introduction, definition of crime, theoretical concepts, conclusion, etc.).
  4. The paper will require you to think about information presented in class discussions and in the readings. I expect that you will be able to link concepts from different parts of the course to show that you are thinking about both the issue and what a new model would look like.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/10/2013 05:30 pm
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