Project #18529 - Midterm



Answer any 5 questions from section 1 and All 5 questions from Section 2.


Your answers must contain sufficient detail to describe/explain/analyze the question asked. Your answers must address all parts of a question.


One,two three sentence answers to essay questions will not be graded.


The completed exam must be uploaded to your Assignment Folder as a file (that is, do not provide your answers in the box).


Section I.     Short Essay

Answer any 5 questions.   

(8 points each)



1. Why can biological distinctiveness be seen as part of ethnicity?


2. How does ethnic stratification limit the access of ethnic persons to social rewards and opportunities in U.S. society?


3. Why is it easier for the Irish, Italians, and Poles to assimilate in U.S. society than it is for Mexicans, African Americans, and Puerto Ricans?


4.If ethnic subpopulations are relatively powerless in society—politically, economically, and educationally—why does the dominant population perceive them as threats?


5. Why do pluralism theories take issue with assimilation theories?


6. What are the key ideas behind the new biological theories?


7. In what way is the notion of competition an important element in human ecological theories, split-labor market theories, split-class theories, and middleman minority theories?


8. How do internal colonialism theories borrow from notions of external colonialism in which one nation controls another?


9. How did the migration of African Americans to the North and Midwest aggravate black-white tensions in America?


10. What was the role of the Catholicschool system in facilitating the adjustment and adaptation of non-Protestants to American society?


11. Why would Catholics pose threats to the Protestant Anglo-Saxon core? Was religion or economics more important?



Section II   Short Essay.

Must Answer all questions 

(12 points each)


1. What factors are involved in institutionalized discrimination?


2.  What are the essential forces that drive discrimination in the unified theory ?


             3.How did the Anglo-Saxon core become dominant?


4. Explain how capitalism fosters the use of less expensive ethnic labor.


5. Let us assume that America decides to accept only wealthy and highly educated immigrants. Do you think that this policy would prevent problems of discrimination and prejudice? Why or why not?

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