Project #17740 - Matlab

For this assignment, you will write a script m-file called
hw2.m. There are multiple exercises in this assignment, be sure to
label your solution to each exercise with a comment. Some of the
exercises ask for additional m-files that will be called from within


Problem 1:

In hw2.m create the following matrices:

         16  4  3  0
A =       9 20  5  1
         34 16  7  8

         23  1  0  5
B =       9  8 16  7
         34 12  3  2

In hw2.m, use A an B to create the following additional matrices:

C = the element in the 3rd row, 3rd column of A
D = the entire 4th column of A
E = rows 1 and 3 of B
F = a 6x4 matrix where the first three rows are the rows of A
    and the second three rows are the rows of B
G = A(2:3,:) - in the comments for the problem explain what the lone
               colon does when used this way

next make some changes to the entries in these matrices

 - Make element (2,3) of E be 20
 - Make row 1 of B all 0's
 - Make column 3 of F be the numbers 0 through 5

Problem 2:

Create a function called cubic (in a file called cubic.m) that returns
the results of a*x^3 + b*x^2 + c*x +d.  The function should accept two
inputs.  The first input is a 1x4 vector called A where A contains the
values of a, b, c, and d.  The second is the variable x.

From hw2.m test your cubic function on a number of inputs.

Problem 3:

From hw2.m prompt the user to enter a number x (use the input function
for this).  Solve for y and z in terms of the inputed x.  The
variables y and z are defined as follows:

y = x - 30            when 0 < x < 100
  = 0.20*x + 800      when x > 100
  = -50               otherwise

z = -1                when x < 0
  =  0                when x = 0
  =  1                when x > 0

Problem 4:

Although the accepted standard of measurement is the metric system,
many scientists still use non-standardized units in their
experiments. Thus it is very useful to have a function that can
convert all the measurements into the standardized metric system.
Create a function english_to_metric in (english_to_metric.m) that can
convert gallons to liters, pounds to kilograms, Fahrenheit to Celsius,
and yards to meters. Your function should take two inputs x and y. x
will be a flag that tells the function what you are trying to convert
to (let ‘L’ = convert to Liters, ‘Kg’ = convert to kilograms, ‘C’ =
convert to Celsius, and ‘M’ = convert to meters) and y is the value
that needs to be converted. Your function should have one output, the
converted value. Your function should display a message if the user
inputs a letter that is not one of the recognized flags and return the
empty matrix ( [] ).

Your function should give identical output as below:

>> z = english_to_metric('L', 64)



>> z = english_to_metric('Kg', 100)

>> z = english_to_metric('C', 32)

>> z = english_to_metric('M', 1)



>> z = english_to_metric('D', 50)
Please input correct flag.


Give some examples of your function running in the hw2.m script file.

What you need to submit:

After you have successfully completed this assignment you will have a
number of files:


 Create a zip file containing a number of files.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/26/2013 01:00 pm
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