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Assignment Instructions


Answer the following questions. Use this document to TYPE your answers below each question.




Part 1: Problem Solving


Q1: Using the FORMULA from the background section, what is the sum of the first 30,000 whole numbers, and show the specific formula that you use to calculate the sum.




(i.e. 1 + 2 + 3 + · · · + 29,998 + 29,999 + 30,000)






  1. Answer (sum of this series):






  1. Your formula:




































Q2: Fill in the following table for the given values of n (Hint: do a Google search for a logarithm calculator if you don’t have a scientific calculator handy). These are some of the common time complexities (costs) for many software algorithms.









Q3: Use the merge sort algorithm to alphabetize the following names: Rachel, Sammy, Wilma, Tyrone, Carlos, Olga, Jasmine, Bethamy. SHOW ALL OF YOUR STEPS USED TO SORT THE LIST! (Show the list at each “outer loop” after you have merged lists of length 1 into pairs, then merged lists of length 2 into lists of length 4, then lists of length 4 into 8.




  1. Pass 1 list:






  1. Pass 2 list:






  1. Pass 3 list:












Q4: This question concerns your experience with the sorting practice applet. Use Selection Sort and Merge Sort for your sorting selections, check the “Stop on first complete”, then run sorting tests on lists of lengths 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.




  1. Which sort is fastest for each list length?








  1. Try to propose a reason for the results you observed.










Q5: A king has 32 golden coins, one of which he knows is counterfeit. The counterfeit gold coin weighs less than a regular coin. You have been assigned to use a balance (scale) to determine which one of the coins is not pure gold.




  1. Explain how you would accomplish this using the scale a minimum number of times (find a divide & conquer approach for your solution).














  1. How many times did you use the scale with the method that you came up with?














Optional Challenge Question: Prove that when n is odd.








Part 2: Software Engineering




Q6:Do a Google search on the term “Software Lifecycle” and browse through several of the links that you find. Additionally, review the “Software Engineering” section of the online tutorials for this class.




  1. Give a definition of the term “Software Lifecycle” in your own words from what you learned in the online tutorials and the Google search.










  1. According to the online tutorial, what are the 6 common tasks/processes of most software lifecycle models?








Part 3: Introduction to Programming (SNAP!)




Q7: This project will be split over the last 2 labs (Lab #8 & #9). The project is for you to create an animation, simulation, or game in SNAP! that somehow demonstrates or teaches any concept that we have learned in CS160 this term. You project does not need to be elaborate, as long as some concept is clearly demonstrated to the end user of your program.




At minimum, your project should have some graphics, some animation or motion and some sound (you could even record your own voice!). As a model of what you might do, review any of the 50 flash animations and java applets that have been used to teach concepts in this class. You are welcome to simply re-implement any one of these if you wish.




The requirement for Lab #8 is to simply put together the images into a SNAP! program so that we can see what you are going to develop (a prototype of your project). TAKE SEVERAL A SCREEN SHOTS (alt + print screen) of your SNAP! prototype and paste it into THIS document below. Additionally, describe what it is you are proposing to build (your project definition/project charter).






  1. Your project definition:












  1. Screen shots of your prototype:
















TURN IN your document that answers the assignment questions TYPED into this word document and the SNAP screen shots pasted into the is document.


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/24/2013 12:00 am
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