Project #17043 - Indian Jaipur Rugs Business model

A publishable article describing the unique features and the impact of Jaipur Rugs business model. 


Make sure that your reports have: 

1. A strong thesis statement that makes a clear, provocative claim in response to the inquiry question. It 

is uniquely your claim about the text, not just parroting authors. 

2. Strong topic sentences that make a clear, provocative sub-claim of the thesis and organize the body 


3. Specific examples from the text (readings / videos) that you carefully analyze to support your claims. 

4. A developed argument based upon 2-3 good examples, rather than a list of unanalyzed details or 

mere text summary. 

5. Accurate representation of the position of the author(s), and a clear, controlling role for your own 

voice in the conversation. 

6. A coherent exposition with a logical progression held together by strong transitions.


This is a project report on the impact of Jaipur Rugs business models. The learning objective of this project is to identify the variables that allow the emerging market businesses working at the grassroots to have sustainable impacts, and to understand how recognition and communication of these sustainable impacts can help sustain these businesses and allow their invisible innovations and impacts to be generalized in similar as well as different scenarios worldwide. The sustainability impact encompasses the entire value chain – how and what local resources are used, how human power is mobilized, how new solutions and products are developed for serving the needs of markets around the world, and how the exposure to the world market and Technologies that helps innovate new ways of using local resources and mobilizing human power. 


The report will be of 3 pages, double spaced, 12 size Times Roman font, one inch margins on all sides, is expected. The pages should be numbered, and appropriate headings should be used. References should be in the APA format, and are additional. Make sure that you check for the grammar and writing protocols. 


The report will include: 

Part I – Executive Summary (about half page) 

This should be written at the end, and should summarize the key findings of the report. Note 

that the executive summary is not what will be read in the report, but it is a summary of key 

points and their key rationales. 


Part II: Jaipur Rugs Business Model (about 1 page) 

Describe the business model of Jaipur Rugs, and identify the innovative aspects of the model, so that the global customers and channel partners are attracted and are willing to pay the premium associated with using high sustainability impact approaches. 


Part III - Sustainability Impact Analysis: (about 1 pages) 

Analysis of the sustainability impact of Jaipur Rugs on economic, social, and environmental 

criteria. Also review the distinctive technological and organizational aspects. Use separate 

headings to discuss the impact using each of four. 


Part IV – Outreach Recommendation: (about half page) 

How can the U.S. government, California government, and the Inland Empire government 

agencies and businesses benefit from the Jaipur Rugs model and approaches? Who else might 

benefit from this models and approaches? 




Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2013 12:00 am
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