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Basic Biology

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On page 410 of your textbook, there is a summary statement concerning what scientists believe about the origin of life on earth.  Summarize the three (3) current competing theories of the origin of life on Earth: it arrived from an extraterrestrial source, it originated as a heterotroph, it originated as an autotroph.


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You seem to have a good basic understanding of the three theories of the origin of life with one notable exception.  At the end of the the third paragraph, you state that heterotrophs require oxygen for survival.  But in the last paragraph you make a good case that heterotrophs are anaerobic (not requiring oxygen).  It's easy to get these two theories mixed up.  In the future when you have an assignment like this, try comparing and contrasting to make sure you understand the main differences

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Sources must be cited in APA format.  Your response should be one (1) single-spaced page in length; refer to the "Assignment Format" page for specific format requirements.











Scientists have had headache in trying to explain exactly how life began on earth. They have come up with several theories that are trying to explain the origin of life. The search for these answers is still being looked at by various scientists around the globe. The search for right answers is still on and we can see scientists going even to space to gather evidence that can clearly give an answer to this puzzle. The current three competing theories about the origin of life include; the theory of autotrophic, the theory of heterotrophic and the theory of extraterrestrial source.

Scientists came up with a theory of extraterrestrial source. This theory explains that life did not actually begin on earth. The theory explains that living things from the solar system were transported on earth and that’s how life started on earth. Living things were found to have lived in the solar system so they came to earth and reproduced. The evidence for this is that molecules have been reportedly found in meteorites so that is believed to be a clear indication that indeed life originally began on the solar system before it did on earth.

The other theory that explains the origin of life is that of autotrophic theory. Scientists believe that before life began on earth, earth had no important gases that we are currently witnessing which are responsible for human survival. The earth consists of nitrogen which is about 78% on earth followed by oxygen and then carbon dioxide. These gases are important for human survival but scientists believed these gases were not present on earth and that’s why life could not have begun on earth. The organisms that were present on earth were autotrophs and these are organisms that are able to manufacture their own food in a process called photosynthesis. Autotrophs used energy from chemical reactions in which they use in the manufacture of organic molecules. There was limited amount of energy and so competition arose between the organisms for the little energy present to manufacture food. The competition resulted to oxygen being produced more in the atmosphere due to photosynthesis taking place. With a lot of oxygen being produced, there was the emergence of heterotrophs which needs oxygen for survival. The oxygen that was being produced by these organisms resulted aerobic respiration.

The third theory on the origin of life is that of heterotrophs. In this theory, scientists believe that heterotrophs were the first living organisms in the face of the earth. The organisms are believed to be living in the ocean which consists of several chemical compounds. The organisms lived without the existence of oxygen and so they were anaerobic. The organisms were able to reproduce thus increasing the size of their population on earth. They were believed to have had a mutated nucleic compound which helped them on their chances of survival.




Extraterrestrial Contact., retrieved February 19, 2011

Moore, D. (2013). Fungal biology in the origin and emergence of life. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Rauchfuss, Horst (2008) Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life


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