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Second Portfolio Submission

This folder contains all of the portfolio assignments from lessons 4 through 6. Here is a list that includes each assignment and its point value:

Formatting Your Written Work

You will submit written assignments to Independent Study electronically through your course. To make sure I can open and read your papers, please save them as a .RTF (rich text format) files. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Type your paper in a word-processing program (such as Microsoft Word).
  2. When you save the file, click the Save as type: drop-down list.
  3. Select Rich Text Format (*.rtf).
  4. Use the course number, your first and last name, and the assignment name for the filename. For example, “ENGL41_JaneSmith_PhotEssay.rtf.”
  5. Click Save.

Submitting Your Portfolio Assignments

It’s very important that you submit all of the assignments for a portfolio at the same time. Here’s how to submit your completed portfolio assignments:

  1. Click the Portfolio Submission link in your course (it may be called “First Portfolio Submission” or “Second Portfolio Submission”—choose the one for the portfolio you’re submitting).
  2. Click Open.
  3. Attach all of the relevant assignments by clicking the Browse button, then locating the file you wish to submit.
  4. To attach additional files, click Add Attachment and use the Browse button to locate and upload the next file. Make sure you attach every file you need to include in the portfolio assignment.
  5. When you are finished, click Submit.
  6. You will be asked if you are sure you want to submit this assignment. Click Yes.
  7. You will receive a message that tells you that you have successfully submitted your assignment. Click OK.

Remember: Do not submit any assignment until you have completed all of the assignments for the portfolio!


4.4: Literary Elements

Write about the literary elements found in a novel of your choosing.

Reading a Novel

The literary elements you find in a short story will also be found in a novel. The difference, of course, is the amount of reading involved. A novel gives the author more time to develop the plot, setting, characters, theme, etc. As you read a novel, you might want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Which point of view does the author use?
  • How do the characters change with time?
  • What major conflicts arise throughout the novel and how are they resolved throughout the course of the book?
  • How does the setting affect the characters?
  • What messages is the author portraying about life?

Choosing a Novel

For this next assignment, you will first be choosing a novel to read from the English 41 Reading List (found in Appendix A). I have listed over 100 book options for you, so you should be able to find a novel that will interest you. The books are separated into three lists: Easy Reading, Grade Level Reading, and Challenging Reading. The books listed under Easy Reading are recommended for readers ages 9-12. The Grade Level Reading books are recommended for ninth grade readers. The Challenging Reading books are for upper high school readers. Think about your reading skills and choose a novel that will be appropriate for you.

The books are listed in alphabetical order in each category. Next to each book title I have included the author and a brief synopsis of the novel. I suggest that you go through the list and highlight the book titles that look interesting to you. I ask that you choose a book you haven’t already read before and that you choose something you’ll enjoy. (You might want to go to the library and find the books you think you’d like to read. Read the back cover of the book and the first few pages. If the book interests you, check it out. If it doesn’t, find another book.)

You will need to finish reading your novel before completing the Novel Response Writing Assignment.

Novel Response Writing Assignment

After you have read your novel, complete the Novel Review Assignment here. You will answer 10 questions and then save your assignment. You’ll submit the assignment with your Second Portfolio assignment.

How I will grade your novel response assignment

I will be reading through your paragraphs, making sure you are implementing the information about writing paragraphs from Lesson 1.

Learning Journal Activity #7: Literary Elements in the Movies

For this next entry, you will watch a movie of your choosing and look for the literary elements we have been studying in this lesson. This assignment will help you practice your viewing skills.

As you select a movie, please choose one you would feel comfortable watching in a school classroom. Before you watch your movie, look over the following elements and choose at least two to focus on while you view it. While you watch the movie, you might want to take notes that will help you write about your literary elements.

  • Conflict: What is the main conflict in the movie? Is it external or internal? How is this conflict resolved throughout the course of the movie?
  • Character Development: How does the main character change from the beginning of the movie to the end?
  • Theme: What is a valid theme (message about life) from the movie? Use specific examples to back up your ideas.
  • Plot: What is the climax of the movie? How is it resolved by the end of the movie? Is the ending satisfying? Why or why not?
  • Setting: What is the setting of the movie? How does the setting affect the characters?

After you watch the movie, write down the title of the movie.

Go to the Learning Journal after the Second Portfolio Submission. For Journal Entry 7, write a 250 word entry dealing with at least two of the above literary elements. Once you are finished with the entry, click the Submit button. If you partially complete the entry but would like to come back and edit it later, click the Save button but be sure to come back and click the Submit button once your entry is complete. Please note: All 10 journal entries will be graded together after all 10 entries have been submitted after lesson 6. This entry is worth 10 points.

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