Project #15938 - parole and probation

1. Distinguish the independent model of parole administration from the consolidated model.

2. What are the criticisms of each of the models for administer-ing parole?

3. How does conditional release differ from parole release?

4. Why is the administration of parole less complex than that of probation?

5. In addition to making release decisions, what other duties does a parole board usually have?

6. What has the Supreme Court ruled with respect to inmates being represented by attorneys at a parole release hearing?

7. What is a “victim impact statement”?

8. How do parole board guidelines take into account both clas-sical and positivist school views?

9. What is the purpose of using parole board guidelines?

10. What are the factors considered in parole board guidelines?

11. What is the role of an institutional parole officer?

12. What is the meaning of the term “liberty interest”?

13. Why does an inmate have no liberty interest at a parole release hearing?

14. How does the immunity enjoyed by judges differ from those of parole board members?

15. What are the three different types of executive clemency?

16. What is the role of a parole board in the executive clemency process?


What are the three basic P/P officer roles?

2. What are the three basic agency models?

3. What is the broker role of P/P officers?

4. What is controversy surrounding the law enforcement role of P/P officers?

5. What are the three basic categories with respect to agency policy regarding P/P officers making arrests and carrying firearms?

6. What are the arguments against arrest powers and firearms for P/P officers?

7. What are the arguments in favor of arrest powers and firearms for P/P officers?

8. Why has the Supreme Court denied application of the exclu-sionary rule in cases of parole violation?

9. What are the three methods used for selecting P/P officers?

10. What are the four basic qualities considered desirable for P/P officers?

11. What are the criticisms of using volunteers in P/P?

12. What are four models for using volunteers?

13. What is the basis for P/P officer civil liability?

Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/04/2013 12:00 am
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