Project #15305 - Journal Article 1


Journal Article Review Instructions

I have 2 Articles attached, you can choose one!

You will write 2 Journal Article Reviews (one each in Modules/Weeks 1 and 5), which will be based upon your choices from the professional, peer-reviewed journalarticles provided. No outside articles will be accepted. Each Journal Article Summary must be 3–5 double-spacedpages (not including the title and reference pages) and created in a Microsoft Word document. Use the following guidelines to create your paper: 

  1. Provide an APA-style title page including your name, the paper title (referring to the article title), and the institutional affiliation (Liberty University). Keep in mind that current APA recommends the title length not to exceed 12 words. Use the running head in the appropriate place and a page number on every page. Divide your summary into sections with the following Level 1 headings: Summary, Reflection, and Application (review the APA Manual for guidance if needed).
  2. Develop a 1-page summary of the article in your own words. Do not copy and paste from the journal article—this is plagiarism! Provide a brief description of the topic under consideration in the article. If the article describes a research study, include brief statements about the hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, and implications. If any test measures or statistical methods used are given in the article, do not provide detailed descriptions of these. Short direct quotations from the article are acceptable, but they may not be more than 1–2 sentences each and must be properly cited. This section is the foundation of your Journal Article Review (at least a third of your paper). Make sure you include the core points from the article, even if it means a longer section. Do not reference any additional articles in your summary. 
  3. In your own words, reflect (in 1 page) on the article. Appropriate comments for this part of the paper could include, but are not limited to, your initial response to the article, comments (in your own words) regarding the study's design or methodology (if any), insights you gained from reading the article, your reasons for being interested in this particular article, any other readings that you may plan to do based upon having read the article, and other thoughts you have that might further enhance the discussion of your article. This section should constitute approximately a third of your Journal Article Review. Again, do not reference any other article. 
  4. In your final section, write in 1 page how you would apply the information you have learned to a potential counseling setting. This could be in a church or clinical session. Develop this section as if you are a pastor or clinician and your parishioner or client has come to you with a problem, needing your help. You may want to pick one of the following “normal” problems for this section: depression, grief, substance abuse, spousal infidelity, unforgiveness, etc
  5. Provide the complete reference citation for the article being summarized on a reference page in compliance with current APA standards. Be aware of how and when you use periods, spacing, italics, use or non-use of issue number, etc. Do not copy and paste the reference from an electronic source.



Journal Article Review Grading Rubric



Points Possible

Points Earned

Instructor’s Comments


Summary is 1 page of text and includes:

·         Concise and adequately complete content.

·         All major topics of the article (if article is a research study, briefly describes hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, and implications). 

·         The foundation for the subsequent 2 sections of paper.

·         Article chosen from list provided.




Reflection is 1 page of text and includes:

·         Initial response

·         Comments about design/methodology (if appropriate)

·         Insights gained

·         Reasons for your interest in topic

·         Future research interest based on topic




Application is 1 page of text and includes:

·         Application of the article’s core ideas to a specific counseling situation (describe the scenario and counseling issue).

·         Article’s ideas clearly integrated, applied, and cited.





·         Each paragraph develops one main topic and contains at least 3 sentences.

·         The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.

·         Sentences are well-constructed, complete, clear, and concise.

·         Sentence transitions are used and draw ideas together.

·         Proper rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are exhibited.

·         Spelling is correct.









Points Possible

Points Earned

Instructor’s Comments

Current APA

·         Formatted to current APA guidelines.

·         Includes title and reference pages.

·         Each page utilizes a running head and page number.

·         All pages are double-spaced.

·         Citations of original works within the body of the paper follow APA guidelines.

·         All assertions are supported with references.

·         Citations in text match citations in reference page.

·         Quotes are used strategically.

·         Uses correct APA headings that correspond to the 3 main sections.

·         The paper title is repeated on the top of the first page of text and centered.

·         Written in Times New Roman font.












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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/27/2013 07:00 pm
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