Project #15159 - Research in Business & Management


Assessment Guide


Word Count:  3000  

Submission Deadline: Monday 25, 2013.


The Assessment is Small scale research (3000 words) consisting of:

·       Generating a small scale research project

·       Critically reviewing the literature

·       Choosing the strategy and designing the research

·       Demonstrating an understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods and piloting and sampling techniques

·       Evaluating research findings effectively







For the assignment, we are asking you to conduct a small scale research, which will involve you writing:


(1) A critical review of literature - 900 words

(2) A methodology of your research - 300 words

(3) Presenting the findings - 600

(4) Analysing the findings / Discussions - 900


On one of the two set topics. The critical literature review is a stage that precedes any piece of academic research. It surveys, in a focused way, the available writing and research, in order to establish what is known and what is not known about the subject. This wider knowledge is important in helping you to design your own research project. The methodology will detail the research method you utilised in gathering data. In this case you must use both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Having gathered the data you have to present the findings in a way that is accessible to readers of your research. Here, you will be using tables, charts and figures to illustrate your findings. You may also wish to use quotes from your qualitative data, so it is useful to transcribe the interviews you will be conducting. You may also use documents and you may also wish to take quotes from these documents. Having presented the findings, you will now have to analyse the findings. Analysing the findings involves analysing the content of the findings. In doing so, it is important that you link the analysis of the findings to theories you discussed in your Literature Review. If you used hypothesis for your quantitative research, you will have to use deductive reasoning. Here, the link to hypothesis will be explicit, but you will have to investigate the research area and theories that have acted as the basis for the hypothesis. Obviously, this will be a vital part of the reflective process.


Details of the task

You should produce your small scale research assignment based on one of the following topics:

Business Management

(ii)The role of power in organisations



(iv)  How is the current economic climate affecting producers?

NB. We want you to develop your own more focused title or research question, so read the following guidance note before starting your literature review.

Your objective in this small scale research is to develop a topic from within either of the topics which will enable you to carry out your research. However, it is up to you to find your own focus for the review. You might explore your own interests and focus on a specific area of one of the topics. For example, you might examine the literature to understand the topic in a more in depth way. In doing so, you should be able to identify areas within the topics which may be of interest. Devise your own title or research question to reflect your focus. You can refine the focus as you start to review the literature and develop your knowledge of the topic. Your module leader or seminar tutor will be able to give you guidance on developing your focus and title. A brief appointment early in the process should help you.


The small scale research should contain the following:

  • Title page, including in full the title that you have developed.

·      An introduction

·      A critical review of literature

·      A methodology of your research

·      Presenting the findings

·      Analysing the findings / Discussions

·       And a conclusion

·       A BibliographyIn the Harvard Style

·       Word Count – Your word count must be (3000words). Words in excess of the stated amount will lead to a 10% deduction in the mark awarded.


·       Please note that you can exceed your word count by 10% (3300 words). If you exceed 3300 words you will be deducted 10% of your marks.



Assessment criteria

These are the criteria we use to assess your work, but it is important for you to use them as a checklist as you are writing and before you submit. Under each criterion below, we have set out some features that we are looking for in your work. Does your assignment have the following features?

Assessment Criteria for Assignment

Logical Sequence and Development (25%)

Does your small scale research have:

A clear introduction to what follows in the small scale research

A main body with clearly-defined subsections (or clearly signposted paragraph structure)

A linked and logical progression between sections/sub-sections/paragraphs

A conclusion that summarises what you know, what you do not know, and what insights you have developed about the subject area you researched?


Evidence of Background Reading (25%)

Does your small scale research:

Identify key authors in the field?

Refer to specialist books?

Refer to up-to-date research articles in academic journals?

Not rely on questionable Internet sources

Have a minimum of 30 references?


Critical Evaluation of Issues/Results (35%)

Does your small scale research:

Compare and contrast different theories, concepts and research findings?

Highlight strengths and weaknesses in these theoretical arguments and research?

Agree with/accept or disagree with/reject the arguments put forward by others?

Synthesise and develop your own arguments and insights from these different points of view?

Show how the limitations of your current research leave a gap for others to research?

Use of Referencing System and Bibliography (10%)

Does your small scale research:

Have references in the text to all your sources, using author surname/s and date?

Include page numbers in in-text references where you have used a quotation?

Have a reference list at the end, using Harvard-style layout?

Include all the in-text references in the Bibliography at the end?

Refer in the text to all references shown in the reference list?


Overall Presentation (5%)

Was your small scale research:

Clearly laid out and presented?

Accuracy in spelling and grammar



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/25/2013 11:59 pm
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