Project #15033 - APA paper

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Paper Requirements

The assignment will require students to apply their research findings of psychological learning theories to their own learning style preferences and clearly demonstrate how this knowledge is relevant to their own study habits and student/occupational careers.

Further Instructions and Guidelines:

  • Students will determine their learning style preferences by taking the VARK Questionnaire (Version 7.1) and then complete the short essay assignment.

·         (already completed. see bottom) Students will visit the following link to determine their learning style preferences: 

·         Students will apply one psychological learning theory of their choice to their identified learning style preferences and give specifics on how they will use this information in the future to help them succeed in pursuing their educational and/or career goals.

  • Each essay should be written using correct APA format (e.g., typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, etc.) and consist of between 250 and 300words of content (body paragraphs).  Final submissions should be 3 pages total that include Title page, body and reference page only.

  • Students will also be required to use at least 1 outside reference.  It should be related to either learning style preferences or to a psychological learning theory (textbook references not allowed).  Possible sources include any reliable, scientific source (e.g., online periodicals, scientific websites, scholarly databases, peer- reviewed journals, VARK website).

Aural Study Strategies

If you have a strong preference for learning by Aural methods (A = hearing) you should use some or all of the following:


To take in the information:

  • attend classes

  • attend discussions and tutorials

  • discuss topics with others

  • discuss topics with your teachers

  • explain new ideas to other people

  • use a tape recorder

  • remember the interesting examples, stories, jokes...

  • describe the overheads, pictures and other visuals to somebody who was not there

  • leave spaces in your notes for later recall and 'filling'

SWOT - Study without tears

To make a learnable package:

Convert your "notes" into a learnable package by reducing them (3:1)

  • Your notes may be poor because you prefer to listen. You will need to expand your notes by talking with others and collecting notes from the textbook.

  • Put your summarised notes onto tapes and listen to them.

  • Ask others to 'hear' your understanding of a topic.

  • Read your summarised notes aloud.

  • Explain your notes to another 'aural' person.


To perform well in any test, assignment or examination:

  • Imagine talking with the examiner.

  • Listen to your voices and write them down.

  • Spend time in quiet places recalling the ideas.

  • Practice writing answers to old exam questions.

  • Speak your answers aloud or inside your head.

You prefer to have this page explained to you.
The written words are not as valuable as those you hear.
You will probably go and tell somebody about this.



Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/08/2013 12:00 am
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