Project #1503 - critique a nursing research paper

Critique of Research Article




1.     A critique of a research article asks you evaluate the strength and weaknesses of a research study. The overall objective is to critically evaluate the study’s design, finding and conclusions made by the researcher(s), in order for you to determine how adequate and applicable the findings are to clinical practice.

2.     For purposes of your critique, choose one of the fours studies listed in the Research Critique folder in Mentor under Class Documents.

3.     Use these guidelines, and those listed in our Fain textbook, Chapter 13, Table 13.2 (pp. 253-255) to focus your thoughts. You do not have to answer every question, only those that apply!

4.     Write your critique as a paper with appropriate headings using APA format 6th edition. No more than 5 pages in length (excluding cover and reference pages).

5.     Submit your paper on Mentor, December 5, 2012.



       I.          Introduction. In your introduction, give an overview of the study, its purpose and what clinical problem the researcher was trying to address. Restate the main research question and/or hypothesis, and then summarize the study’s findings in your own words, and the main conclusions of the study (DO NOT copy the abstract).


     II.          Problem Statement/Background and Literature Review.   

·       Has the researcher identified the significance of the problem to nursing?

·       Does the problem statement or purpose express a relationship between two variables? What is it?

·       Is a conceptual model or framework identified? What concepts are included in the review of the literature? Specifically, identify those concepts that are the independent and dependent variable, and how they are conceptually defined.

        Are classic as well as current citations used in the Literature Review?

        Is the Literature Review organized logically and provide you with an understanding of the previous research done on the problem?


   III.          Methods.

·       Sample – What is the sample size? How was the sample selected? Can you detect any problems with the sample size, how it was recruited, or its composition?

·       Does the sample reflect the population as identified in the problem statement?

·       What type of research design is used?

·       Methods - What types of data collection methods are used? Comment on whether the methods were clearly described and if you could replicate them if needed? Comment on any training that might have been performed to minimize bias.

·       Identify the instruments or methods used to collect the data for the independent and dependent variables (i.e. physiological measures, interviews, questionnaires, survey, etc).

·       What type of reliability and validity information was reported for each instrument?


  IV.          Results/Findings

·       What level of measurement was used to measure each of the major variables?

·       What descriptive statistics were reported?

·       What statistical tests were performed to determine if any differences between groups were found?

·       Were the statistics appropriate for the level of measurement?

·       If tables or figures were used, were they labeled correctly and clearly discussed in the text? Did they help you understand the results of the analysis?




    V.          Discussion/Conclusion

·       What conclusions did the researcher present? Do you think the data supported the conclusions?

·       What generalizations were made, if any? Was the sample representative of the population in order to support the generalizations, or was this a limitation of the study?

·       How useful does this work seem to you? Does the researcher identify the relevance/implications for nursing practice?

·       Do you believe the findings can be applied to nursing practice, or are there limitations to application?





Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/06/2012 11:59 pm
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