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Problem 3

The Bennet Company purchases one of its essential raw materials from three suppliers. Bennet’s current policy is to distribute purchases equally among the three. The owner’s son, Benjamin Bennet, just graduated from a business college. He proposes that these suppliers be rated (high numbers mean a good performance) on six performance criteria weighted as shown in the table. A total score hurdle of 0.60 is proposed to screen suppliers. Purchasing policy would be revised to order raw materials from suppliers with performance scores greater than the total score hurdle, in proportion to their performance rating scores.



Performance Criterion                 Weight                Supplier A         Supplier B            Supplier C

1.Price                                          0.2                       0.6                          0.5                   0.9                  

2. Quality                               0.2                  0.6                          0.4              0.8

3. Delivery                              0.3                  0.6                          0.3              0.8

4. Production facilities              0.1                   0.5                         0.9             0.6

5. Environmental Protection       0.1                 0.7                          0.8               0.6

6. Financial Position                  0.1                0.9                          0.9                0.7


A.      A.Use a preference matrix to calculate the total weighted score for each supplier.

B.    B.  Which supplier(s) survived the total score hurdle? Under the younger Bennet’s proposed policy, what proportion of orders would each supplier receive?

C.     C. What advantages does the proposed policy have over the current policy?








Problem 4

Beagle Clothiers uses a weighted score for the evaluation and selection of its suppliers of trendy fashion garments. Each supplier is rated on a 10-point scale (10=highest) for four different criteria: price, quality, delivery, and flexibility (to accommodate changes in quantity and timing). Because of the volatility of the business in which Beagle operates, flexibility is given twice the weight of each of the other three criteria, which are equally weighted. The table below shows the scores for three potential suppliers for the four performance criteria. Based on the highest weighted score, which supplier should be selected?


Criteria                   Supplier A                     Supplier B                Supplier C

Price                    8                              6                              6

Quality                  9                              7                              7

Delivery                 7                              9                              6

Flexibility               5                              8                              9



Problem 5

Wingman Distributing Company is expanding its supply chain to include a new distribution hub in South Bend.  A key decision involves the number of trucks for the facility. The particular model of truck Wingman is considering can be used 8,000 miles a month and will cost $1,500 a month in capital costs. In addition, each mile a truck is used costs $0.90 for maintenance. A local truck rental firm will rent trucks at a cost of $1.40 per mile. Given the distribution of likely requirements for trucks, management has come up with three alternatives to consider as shown in the table:


Monthly requirements (miles)                40,000                   80,000                   120,000

Probability                                            0.30                        0.40                        0.30

Fleet size (trucks)                                  5                              10                           15


Which fleet size will yield the lowest expected monthly costs for Wingman?


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