Project #14699 - Business Statitics

1)      1. In a binomial distribution n = 5 and π = 0.40. What is the probability that?

a.       X = 4?

b.      X ≤ 3?

c.       X < 2?

d.      X > 1?

             (Use the Binomial Distribution Probability formula only. Please show calculations clearly)


2)     2.  In an experiment a fair coin is flipped six times and the number of heads is counted.

a.       What distribution is applicable to the above experiment? Why?

b.      Using the binomial distribution table determine what is the probability that the coin will land heads fewer than three times.


3)      3. In a quiz there are 20 multiple choice questions. Each question has 5 alternatives. Only one alternative is the correct answer. Please answer the following questions using the appropriate binomial distribution table.

a.       What is the probability of a student answering at least 3 questions correctly?

b.      What is the probability of a student answering less than 10 questions correctly?


4)      4. Errors in a billing process often lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately hurt bottom-line profits. In a company 40% of the bills prepared contained errors. If 10 bills are processed ,what is the probability that (use appropriate binomial distribution table)

a.       0 bills will contain errors

b.      Exactly 1 bill will contain error

c.       2 or more bills will contain error

d.      What are the mean and standard deviation of the probability distribution?


5)      5. In the game of blackjack as played in casinos in Las Vegas, the dealer has the advantage. Most players do not play very well. As a result the probability that the average player wins a hand is about 40%. Using the appropriate binomial distribution table, find the probability that the average player wins  :-

a.       Twice in 5 hands

b.      Ten or more times in 20 hands

c.       Never wins in 5 hands

d.      Wins all the hands in 5 hands


(Source: - Adapted from Statistics for Managers using Excel by Levine et al, 6th edition, Statistics for Management and Economics Keller 8th edition and The Humongous book of statistical problems by Kelley et al)



Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/16/2013 12:00 pm
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