Project #14382 - Minitab







1) Must use Minitab or a  similar statistical . NO EXCEL. 

2) Assignment needs to have the calculations and not just the final answer.

Please, submit project calculations 3) and interpretations in Microsoft word along with minitab computations. 


How fast do puppies grow? That depends on the puppy. How about male wolf pups in the Helsinki Zoo (Finland)? Let x age in weeks and y weight in kilograms for a random sample of male wolf pups.

 Sx =65; Sy=159; Sx^2 = 5169; Sy^2 =4317; Sxy=4659 

r = 0.959; b =0.712, sample t =7.57

x 8 10 14 20 28 40 45

y 7 13 17 23 30 34 35


1) Find the correlation coefficient between x & y and interpret it. Do you think the estimate of the correlation coefficient explains the relationship between x &y?

2) Test the hypothesis for the null hypothesis: p=0 at 5% level of confidence and interpret the result.

3) Estimate the least square line considering weight as dependent and weeks an independent variable.

4) Obtain the following sum of squares and give the test statistic for one way ANOVA and interpret it.

                                      i.     SST           

                                     ii.     SSR

                                   iii.     SSE


5) What is the value of coefficient of determination? Interpret.

6) Obtain the standard error for the model

7) Obtain the standard error for the intercept

8) Test the hypothesis for Bo and interpret it.

9) Obtain the CI for B0 and interpret it.

10) Obtain the S.E. for slope b1

11) Test the hypothesis Ho= B1 =0 and interpret it.

12) Obtain the confidence interval for B1 and interpret it.

13) Obtain the standard error of the mean response Uy when the age is 42 week.

 14) Obtain the standard error predicting and individual response in kilograms when the age is 52 weeks.


2)                    15) Find the 95% confidence interval for the mean response Uy when age is 42 weeks.

3)                    16) Find the 95% confidence interval for prediction interval for 50 weeks of age.






Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/12/2013 03:00 pm
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