Project #14267 - Movie Paper

Film Analysis Essay Guidelines

[FVS 250 – Fall 2013]


Length: 8-10 pages*                                                                          Due: Varies (see Bb)

Percentage of final grade: 35%                                          



Write a coherent, unified, and accurate analysis of the assigned film, using accompanying films and additional research to formulate a clear, thoughtful argument. The final, complete essay should be 8-10 pages* long. Each student will write one essay; students must submit their essays on the date assigned; essays cannot be made up on later weeks.


The essay should illustrate your ability to engage with the film and should make a clear argument that scenes from the film and complete a thorough analysis on how the film/scenes reflect the filmic concepts of the assigned week. The essay should be accompanied by a works-cited page (this should not be considered part of your maximum page count).


The audience for the Film Analysis Essay is your classmates and myself (an audience familiar with film language and concepts, but not necessarily familiar with your assigned and supporting films).


You should have a minimum of 3 additional films; a minimum of 2 additional academic sources; you should have a minimum of six sources total (films and research).



Your film analysis essay should conform to MLA style guidelines for research papers and include a Works-Cited page (see the sample for specific formatting guidelines):

Note: Assignments that do not meet formatting expectations will automatically lose 10 points


Submission Requirements

The FINAL, polished draft of the film analysis essay should be submitted through the Blackboard SafeAssign link provided in your assigned week using one of the following formats:

• WORD 2003/2007/2010 (.doc/.docx)

• RICH TEXT (.rtf)


Note: Assignments not submitted through SafeAssign will NOT be evaluated and automatically receive a zero in Gradebook.








NOTE: The following grading criteria are intended to be a general guide rather than a checklist. As explained in class, the mechanical elements should be considered the final elements in addition to the ideas you are communicating.

Grading Criteria

Your paper will be graded according to the following criteria (NOTE: This criteria is in addition to basic writing elements and is not intended to be used as a checklist, but rather a guide):





The analysis is clear and concise. It effectively responds to an idea/element from the film, taking into consideration the specific filmic concept of focus from the book.


The essay is organized, logical and thoughtful and has a clear and focused thesis statement.


The essay effectively synthesizes the films and research.


The essay effectively uses appropriate filmic language in analyzing the film. Scene(s) from the film are used effectively to support the argument.


The writing employs words and sentence structure appropriate to the demands of the rhetorical situation. The essay is coherent and unified. Transitions are used effectively. The essay is free of proofreading errors.


Source material is cited according to MLA guidelines. A work(s) cited entry is provided.


TOTAL for Assignment (If you need help revising or editing your paper make an appointment at the Writing Center, extension 1296.)


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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/10/2013 12:00 pm
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