Project #13391 - Nassau Coliseum Case Study

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global Economics Honors


Case Study#1- City Stadiums: Public Good, or Private Concern?


The Nets and Islanders are two franchises in the New York area that have had issues with their arenas.  The Nets moved into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last September and the Islanders play in the aging Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island.  Last Year Nassau County voted against the Lighthouse project which included a new home for the Islanders. The Nassau Coliseum project has now been taken over by Bruce Ratner, builder of the Barclays Center.  Despite some difficulties the Nets arena was built and ready to open.  In addition the Mets, Yankees, Giants, Jets, Devils and Red Bulls have all built new arenas or stadiums in the last few years. 

Issue:  Your case study is to research one of these projects and franchises and look at the costs of building a new arena, the economic impact on the franchise and surrounding neighborhood.  How is a new arena paid for?  Should the public foot the bill or should the team’s owners?  From your research have these stadiums been worth it, have they been an economic benefit to the teams and the areas near the stadiums?

Below is some background on the Lighthouse Project and Barclays Center. You may chose those projects or any of those mentioned above.




About the Lighthouse Development Group, LLC.


Lighthouse Development Group, LLC, a joint venture between Charles Wang, the

Founder of the Lighthouse project and owner of the New York Islanders and New York Dragons, and Rex Corp Realty, LLC., Long Island’s largest owner, manager and developer of commercial real estate, has been designated the exclusive developer of the Coliseum site and has entered into a Development Plan Agreement with the County of Nassau.  The partnership combines Charles Wang’s vision for the revitalization of the aging Coliseum property with Rex Corp’s renowned expertise.


The Lighthouse project is the transformation of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum site and surrounding area into a modern 24/7 suburban center. The centerpiece will be a revitalized arena for the New York Islanders and New York Dragons, surrounded by exciting residential neighborhoods, lifestyle retail and entertainment venues, a sports technology center, multi-purpose athletic complex, state-of-the-art conference and exhibition facilities, a baseball stadium, and the first 5-star hotel on Long Island. The

estimated $2 billion project is expected to generate almost $60 million of annual real estate tax revenue. An expected 16,000 construction jobs, thousands of permanent jobs and many new businesses will be created. Overall, the Lighthouse project will add more than $200 million of incremental revenue over the next 25 years to the County and the State from the renovation of the Coliseum alone and keep the New York Islanders on Long Island for decades to come.


For More specific details check this website




In a well-crafted essay of no more than 3 sides of a page (typed), construct an argument addressing the above questions.  The main issue is who should pay for a stadium. The essay should have an introduction, supporting paragraphs, an acknowledgement of the counter, and a conclusion. 

The introduction should end with a thesis, which includes the following components:

-Road Map

-Clearly identifies your position

-Answers the question

-Also include a bibliography and citations (use noodlebib/noodletools MLA format, endnotes for in-paper citations).


Case Study Rubric:




-Information is beyond factual, provides insight.

-varied solutions discussed

-support for analysis clear

-no irrelevant info. 

-Analysis shows deep thought on all issues

-Road Map in thesis

-position is clear and well stated

-punctuation, spelling contains no or very few errors

-sentence structure clear, no run-on’s/fragments

-Paragraph formation and separation identifies ideas

-organization of thoughts follows logical progression

-paragraph structure sound

-ideas fully developed

-effective intro& conclusion

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/27/2013 06:00 am
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