Project #13265 - discussions questions & homework assignment

A. Forcasting Question:

n a given firm, who do you think should be involved in preparing the forecasts?

No need for a long list here. Just one or two examples (with a short explanation) will suffice.


B. Forcasting Question:

Compare the term sales with the term demand.

Are they the same? If not, why not? And, by the way, why is this relevant to our study of forecasting techniques?

(Again, no individual student should feel obligated to respond to all of these prompts. Just one is fine.)


C. One part of the chapter defines the terms MAE, MSE, and MAPE. What do these letters represent? How would you describe the general purpose of these metrics to a friend or colleague who had no prior experience with statistics? Which, if any, of these is the preferred option...and why?

(By now I hope you understand that I really don't expect or want any one student to craft a post with the answers to all of the questions I have posed here. As always, a value added response with a direct answer to just one, preferably one that has not already been answered, will suffice.)


D.PERT/CPM (cont.),

Last week we had a nice discussion about PERT/CPM. This week I would like to continue that dialogue just a bit. Do you have related questions about the technique or, for example, the terms listed in the glossary on Page 435? If so, please post them to this thread. If not, please craft a response to one of the following:

1.) As you read through the chapter, did interesting/useful applications come to mind (ones we did NOT discuss last week)?

2.) Why exactly is the critical path so...critical? I mean, as a manager of a given project, why would you be oh so attentive to the critical path?

3.) As a manager of a given project, would it ever make sense to "crash" an activity that was NOT on the critical path? Why or why not?

Please also remember that it is, as always, perfectly ok to post a value-added response to something I or one of the other students have said instead of trying to respond directly to one of the prompts above.


Homework assignment out of Ebook:

Week 6

Finish Reading Chapter 9

Complete Problems 1, 7, & 9 (Chapter 9)

Read Chapter 15 & Appendix 15.1

Complete Problems 1, 2, 3, & 11 (Chapter 15)

Craft at least one value-added posting to each of the discussion threads NOT marked as OPTIONAL.




Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/27/2013 12:00 am
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