Project #13098 - Industrialization of the United States Portfolio

Here are the instuctions.:

"For this unit’s portfolio project, you will make a storyboard that tells the experiences of a famous immigrant to the United States. A storyboard tells a story through words and pictures, using frames like a comic strip or comic book.

Your portfolio project has four steps:

  1. Choose a main character for your storyboard. Use the Internet links provided.
  2. Research information about how and why immigrants came to the United States in the late 1800s. 
  3. Analyze your research.
  4. Make a storyboard."


  5. Create a storyboard
  6. Relate the story of an immigrant in creative and historically accurate ways"


    Step 1: Choosing a Character

    Who will be the famous immigrant of your story? As you decide, consider the following: 

        • What country did your character emigrate from? 
        • Is your character male or female? 
        • What age is your character? 
        • To which part of the United States did your character immigrate?


    Step 2: Research

    Research your famous immigrant. You will need to find all of the following information to complete your storyboard: 

  7. Facts about immigrants from the same country as your main character, for example why they left their country and what they experienced in the United States 
  8. Facts about your immigrant’s port of entry
  9. Facts about the community in which your immigrant settled

You can use note cards, type your notes on the computer, or use some other method of note taking.

There are many sources of information about the experiences of immigrants in the late 1800s, including your textbook, Discovery Education™, and Grolier Online™ (linked from your EMS home page). Below are three other resources. Click on the links to access "Immigration to the United States, 1789–1930" from the Harvard University Library website, as well as the PBS webpage "Becoming American: The Chinese Experience," and "Ellis Island" on the History Channel's website.

Mouse icon Immigration to the United States, 1789–1930

Mouse icon Becoming American: The Chinese Experience

Mouse icon Ellis Island


Step 3: Research Analysis

Before you make your storyboard, reflect on the information you learned while researching immigration. Write down your thoughts on how the following factors would affect a person's experiences; you will need the answers to complete your storyboard. 

    • age
    • country of origin
    • gender
    • education level
    • level of English


Step 4: Storyboard

Now create a first draft of your storyboard, following these guidelines: 

  • Your storyboard has at least eight panels. 
  • Your storyboard uses both words and pictures to creatively tell your immigrant’s story. 
  • Your storyboard is based on historical facts and is believable. The immigrant should not arrive in the United States by plane, for example. 
  • The storyboard covers the experiences of the immigrant before moving to the United States. 
  • The storyboard covers the experiences of the immigrant during his or her journey to the United States. 
  • The storyboard covers the experiences of the immigrant after moving to the United States.


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