Project #12956 - Final Project

Final Project

Introduction to the Final Project Essay

Ethics is a challenging topic to grasp and fully comprehend. And once you have understood the moral theories of ethics, what do you do with them? What does all of this mean for you? The Final Project Essay is designed to help you sift through the moral theories and extremes in ethical thinking presented in this course, analyze and compare them, and by the end of Week 5, determine which one you personally align with the best at this point in your life and which extreme makes most sense to you. Are you an act utilitarian? Do you "click" with Kant's duty ethics? Do you lean towards absolutism? Or something else?

You are not asked to do additional research on the theories and extremes outside of the required Learning Resources for this essay; however, you may wish to do so to gain greater understanding of them and to deepen your analytical skills. During the essay, you are expected to incorporate aminimum of three citations (summaries, and/or paraphrases, and/or quotations) from the course text or another source to help support your ideas.

To assist you with this essay, you will work on it a bit each week, and at the end of Week 3, you will submit a working draft of your essay to your instructor for feedback. By submitting your work in progress, your instructor will be able to identify where you are on track, where you may need to change direction, and where and how to strengthen your writing.

The assignment:

  • Compose a minimum 5-page essay that has the following components listed below. (Note: Components are listed in the order in which they should appear in the essay. Some components will be more than one paragraph long.)

    • An introduction

    • An analysis and comparison of three of the moral theories listed below from Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in the course text:
      • Individual Ethical Egoism
      • Personal Ethical Egoism
      • Universal Ethical Egoism
      • Act Utilitarianism
      • Rule Utilitarianism
      • Care Ethics (feminist ethics)
      • Act Nonconsequentialism
      • Divine Command Theory
      • Kant's Duty Ethics
      • Ross' Prima Facie Duties
      • Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics
      • Confucian Moral Self-Cultivation

    • An explanation of which one of the three moral theories you have analyzed and compared in the previous section you best align with ethically and why

    • An explanation of which one of the two extremes in ethical thinking listed below from Chapter 5 in the course text makes most sense to you and why
      • Absolutism
      • Relativism

    • A conclusion

    • A separate Reference page for the three citations (summary, paraphrase, and/or quotation) within your essay (this page is not counted as part of the 5-page minimum)


  • You are not required to do any outside research on the theories and extremes; however, you may wish to do so to gain greater understanding of them.

  • Your primary source of summary, paraphrase, quotation will be the course text.

  • You must include at least three citations in your essay. These can be summary, paraphrase, and/or quotation and follow APA style and formatting guidelines.

  • You must include a Reference list at the end of your essay. This too, must follow APA style and formatting guidelines.

Subject Philosophy
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/22/2013 03:00 pm
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