Project #12722 - Project1

Case Study Chapter 1

In this case study we will consider a network administrator for a small, family-oriented video store.

The store is not part of a chain of stores and has a very limited security budget. It has five machines for employees to use to check out movies and one server on which to keep centralized records. That server is in the manager’s office. The administrator takes the following security precautions:

1. Each machine is upgraded to Windows XP, with the personal firewall turned on.

2. Antivirus software was installed on all machines.

3. A tape backup is added to the server, and tapes are kept in a file cabinet in the manager’s office.

4. Internet access to employee machines is removed.


Now consider these questions:

1. What did these actions accomplish?

2. What additional actions might you recommend?




Case Study Chapter 3

Consider the case of an intrepid identity thief. The perpetrator, Jane, encounters the victim, John, online in a chat room. John is using his real first name, but only his last initial. However, over a series of online conversations between Jane and John, he does reveal personal details about his life (marital status, children, occupation, region he lives in, and so forth). Eventually, Jane offers John some piece of information, such as perhaps an investment tip, as a trick to get John’s email address from him. Once she gets his email address, an email exchange begins outside of the chat room, wherein Jane purports to give John her real name, thus encouraging John to do the same.

Of course, the perpetrator’s name is fictitious, such as “Mary.” But Jane now has John’s real name, city, marital status, occupation, and so on. Jane has a number of options she can try, but we will choose a simple one. She begins by using the phone book or the Web to get John’s home address and phone number. She can then use this information to get John’s social security number, in a variety of ways. The most straightforward would be to go through John’s trash while he is at work. However, if John works in a large company, Jane can just call (or enlist someone to call), claiming to be John’s wife or another close relative, wanting to verify personnel data. If Jane is clever enough, she may come away with John’s social security number. Then it is a trivial matter (as we will see in Chapter 13, “Cyber Detective”) to get John’s credit report and to get credit cards in his name.

From this scenario, consider the following questions:

1. What reasonable steps could John have taken to protect his identity in the chat room?

2. What steps should any employer take to prevent being unwittingly complicit in identity theft?




Case Study Chapter 4

Runa Singh is the network administrator in charge of network security for a medium-sized company. The firm already has a firewall; its network is divided into multiple segments separated by routers, and it has updated virus scanners on all machines. Runa wants to take extra precautions to prevent DoS attacks. She takes the following actions:

1. She adjusts her firewall so that no incoming ICMP packets are allowed.

2. She changes the web server so that it uses SYN cookies.


Now consider the following questions:

1. Are there problems with any of her precautions? If so, what are the problems?

2. What additional steps would you recommend to Runa?




Case Study Chapter 5

Chiao Chien manages IT security for a school. Given the wide range of people who use the school’s computers, it is difficult for Chien to prevent virus attacks. Chien has a reasonably good budget and has installed antivirus software on every machine. He also has a firewall that has all unneeded ports blocked, and there is a school policy prohibiting the downloading of any software from the Web.

Consider the following questions:

1. How secure do you think Chiens network is from virus attacks?

2.What areas has Chien not secured?

3.What recommendations would you make to Chien?


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