Project #12626 - Technology management


Ip 3 revised


Consider the following scenario:


Chris and Pat Aquino own a successful ISP (Internet Service Provider) and want to expand their business to host an Internet auction site. The auction site will let sellers offer items for sale, such as antiques, first-edition books, vintage dolls, coins, art, stamps, glass bottles, autographs, and sports memorabilia.


After a seller posts an item for sale, it is sold at the auction site by accepting bids from buyers. Before people can sell items and bid on items, they must register with the auction site. Each item will be listed by subcategory within a general category, making it easy for bidders to find items of interest to them. For example, the general category of antiques might consist of several subcategories, including ancient world, musical instruments, and general.


Chris and Pat have registered their Web site name called EACH, which stands for Electronic Auction Collectibles Host. Now they need to create a database that keeps track of the registered people, the items for sale, and the bids received for those items by the Web site.


Chris and Pat Aquino want you to begin creation of a secure, yet user-friendly interface for the BuySell database. They ask you to create the layout for the BuySell database by completing the following:


Assignment Guidelines: Your submitted assignment must include a zip file containing your edited .accdb Access database.




Complete the following steps:


Start Access, and then open the BuySell database located in the LE5 folder extracted from the zip file in MGMT447_u3_IP.


Follow these steps below and as a guide for a switchboard form preparation. Click on the create tab and then create a separate macro for the actions below.


Open the table Subcategory.


Open the form Item.


Open the form Registrant.


Open the Report Projected Income Based on Minimum Bid report in the Print Preview.




Create a new form, and name it Background.


Set the background color for the form to a color of your choice.


Set the database password to password.


Set the startup options to hide the Database window, restrict menus, eliminate the built-in toolbars, and open the Background form whenever you open the BuySell database.


Test the database password and startup options


Exit Access.


Save the file under the name U5A1LastName.accdb and then zip the file.

will send u my first nd last name by private msg.

Recommendations  and comments from the instructor :


Reading Assignment: 


Stair & Reynolds, Chapter 3


In creating the macro do be mindful that only one macro should be created to open the Subcategory table, the Item form, the Registrant form, and the Projected Income Based Report.




Also the new Background Form should not be part of the macro, but should be a separate form that displays when your database file is opened using the password - it should require a password to open file


Also file format can be either .accdb or .mdb - both are Access Database formats.


Deliverable Length: 


Zip Folder (containing Access Database)


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/18/2013 06:00 pm
Report DMCA

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