Project #12585 - Pathology media assignment

Media Assignment (20%)

This assignment focuses on learning outcome 4, as well as the following graduate attributes: Information acquisition, evaluation and synthesis; Effective communication in both oral and written formats; Teamwork, collaborative and management skills; Research inquiry and reflective practice as a ‘researcher’. 

The Task 

One of the advantages of studying Pathology – whether or not you intend to pursue a related career – is that you will be able to evaluate critically the ways in which disease is presented in the media.

In this assignment, you will need to choose a topic presented during the past year. The media release must discuss at least one of the following issues: 

1) An outbreak, epidemic, or increased incidence of a disease;

2) The link between a disease and predisposing factors, such as genetic inheritance or environmental exposure (e.g., diet, pollution);

3) A new or controversial screening test, diagnostic tool or treatment.

From your chosen topic, clearly establish a relevant issue and develop a clearly focused research question. 

The Purpose 

One purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to assume the role of a ‘Researcher in Pathology’. 

This resulting report will demonstrate your: 1) Understanding of the topic; 2) Understanding of relevant aspects of the disease and underlying mechanisms; 3) Clarity of expression and whether the questions posed in the assignment are directly addressed; 4) Ability to access the current biomedical literature to gain further information and utilise this in support of an argument; 5) Understanding and correct use of references in the report and provision of an appropriate reference list.

The Assignment Structure and Format 

You will then need to research the following questions: 

Section 1: Basic disease information (you may use textbooks for this section) – This section should be approximately 500 words in length. 

1.1 What is known about the aetiology of this disease (what causes it)? 

1.2 What is known about the pathogenesis of this disease (what are the mechanisms and events involved in its development)? 

1.3 How is this disease usually diagnosed? 

1.4 How is this disease usually treated? 

Section 2: Using current research you will need to select TWO relevant peer-reviewed journal articles and write an annotated bibliography for each. (These summaries should be approximately 300 words each). Please refer to additional materials available on Blackboard about the structure of an annotated bibliography.

Section 3: Evaluate the nature of the information presented in both the media release and the journal articles you have researched-This section should be approximately 400 words in length. 

3.1 What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these communication styles? 

3.2 Why are these communication styles relevant? 

3.3 How can you utilize this understanding to inform your ongoing academic research? 

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/23/2013 11:00 am
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