Project #122463 - Financial Accounting report and presentation

Guideline Brief for Presentation & Report


Written Report              






1.         Students to form an assignment group of 4 or 5 fellow students.

2.           All students in the group will be from the same seminar class.

3.           You will be given a listed public company. (Diageo)

4.           Download the annual report from the company’s website as follows:

            a)         Google,

            b)         Company Name, Annual Report       

            c)         You should download the annual reports for 2012, 2013 and 2014 OR                    if the 2015 annual report has been published then you should use the                  annual reports for 2013, 2014 and 2015.


5. a)     Produce a written report using time series analysis (year on year           comparisons) over the three year period. Your report should include analysis           of the following ratio groups :           


            ·   Profitability, Efficiency, Liquidity, Gearing and Investor Ratios.                        

            The report should highlight and compare year on year, the financial             strengths and weaknesses of the company with reference to the above ratio      groups. You should discuss those aspects of the company’s            performance and         financial status which are showing signs of improvement as well as those             which are becoming worse.  In addition, you should suggest actions that could        be taken to enhance the overall performance of the company and provide      supporting explanations.


            At the end of the report you should include an appendix showing all the ratios       that you have calculated (from the annual reports over three years) and the    basis of their calculation, clearly stating any assumptions that you have made.

            You should also include in the appendix, the relevant extracts from the annual        reports, namely the income statement and statement of financial           position/balance sheet.


            Do not submit full copies of the companies' annual reports.


            The word limit of the main body of the report is 1500 words. The word count       should be shown on the first page of your report.


All students must indicate on their group report submission which sections they have contributed to. I require that all students must indicate above the sections that they wrote in the report, their name and student number so it is clear who has contributed to which part of the assignment.


b)         As a group, make a presentation to your seminar tutor, taking no longer       than 15 minutes. This presentation will take place in your normal seminar time    during week commencing 18th April 2016. (week 10).

            Your presentation should draw on information from your report, highlighting         the respective financial strengths and weaknesses of your company. You will     need to demonstrate a clear understanding of the ratios but there is no need to        show the ratio calculations or formula as these should be in the appendix in      your report.


Assessment Criteria :



The main body of the report will attract a maximum of 15 marks. The report should be logically structured with clear analysis linked to the ratios that you have calculated.


The appendix of calculations will attract a maximum of 15 marks. Marks will be awarded for accuracy and selection of ratios.


The quality of your written presentation will attract a maximum of 5 marks.



The quality of your verbal presentation will attract a maximum of  15 marks. Each member of the group will be assessed on the basis of his / her contribution to the live presentation. Non-attendance at the presentation event will result in a score of 0% for the presentation component.


                                                                                    TOTAL          50 marks


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/19/2016 10:00 am
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