Project #121339 - Museum Artwork

Museum paper Rubric: Formal Analysis of Artwork


Points: 25

1. Suggested museums: The Hammer, The Broad, Museum of Contemporary Art, L.A., Norton Simon in Pasadena, The J. Paul Getty Museum (also the Getty Villa), L.A. County Museum of Art on Wilshire Blvd (LAMA), The Bowers Museum, Santa Ana. Visit one of the suggested museums or if you have another in mind please talk to me first.


2.  Pick one art object of interest to do your analysis.


3. Attach the museum ticket stub and picture of the artwork to your paper. If there is no ticket, attach a picture of you next to the artwork. 


4. Minimum 3 pages, maximum 5 pages. Follow the rubric and incorporate the information listed below



8 pts. : Include the title of the object, production date, and artist’s name within the body of the paper. Good description of the artwork and media used (media: marble, wood, etc.…), size, color, shape(s), etc.:________


*10 pts. : A well thought out analysis and persuasive paper will get full points in this area: ________

Address the following in your paper:

-2pt. What is the Art movement or culture (ex: Abstract Expressionism, Chinese-Ming Dynasty)? 

-2pt. Place artwork in proper context: political, commercial, religious, social, entertainment…  Give a historical context to the object.

-2pt. Interpretation: Research on the artwork will yield the interpretation and motivation of the art & artist. Hypothesize on the meaning of the artwork using the available information.

-Analysis- focus is on artistic choice. We look for relationships. How has the artist organized the subject matter, elements, and principles of design? (Please review the analysis tips on Titanium).

- What is your personal judgment? Why did you pick this artwork?


*3 pts. : Spelling, grammar, and organization of paper:_______


*4pts. : Need at least 3 sources:______  (e.g. reliable, reputable sources: text books, on-line source- university library, museum website, museum literature). You can either use MLA or Chicago style citation and bibliography. You must incorporate 3 citations in the body of the report. Bibliography is on a separate page and is not included in the 3-page minimum (Do not cite from Wikipedia): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Excellent: original and thoughtful work that is professionally executed; no typographical or grammatical errors; strong, clear, coherent, and compelling arguments; addresses or acknowledges obvious objections to the arguments; scrupulous attention to crediting sources of ideas and facts that are not the author’s own

Good: Well done work, but not particularly original or thoughtful; a few typographical or grammatical errors are present; work lacks some clarity or coherence in thought; fails to address some seemingly obvious objections to the argumentation; some crediting of sources missing; sources of facts are weak (e.g., cursory web searches).

Average: Average work; numerous typographical and grammatical errors present; fails to address or ignores any objections to the argumentation; few sources credited or poorly done, particularly for factual claims when clearly needed

Below Average: Careless work with no attention to detail and failure to follow assignment guidelines; few and or poorly done citation

Failure: plagiarism or other academic misconduct; zero effort expended to meet academic standards


Subject Art
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/19/2016 12:00 am
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