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Statistics for Behavioral Sciences


Assignment 1: There are several advantages of using a paired t-test. Since the same subjects are being tested in each of the varying conditions, those subjects serve as their own control. This is a major advantage as you need not consider potential differences between the subjects in the control group and the subjects who are in the experimental group. Elaborate on this concept by providing examples in which you do and do not have the same subjects serving as their own control.

There are also potential problems associated with interpreting the results of a paired t-test. Imagine you are interested in determining whether an employee of a company performs better with or without a bonus. What are some issues that could affect the results if you have the same subjects tested in both situations?


Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your textbook and course readings.



Assignment 1: Compute a t-test comparing males' and females' heights. You must determine which type of t-test to compute.


Age     sex       Height  year in college

29        F          56        sophomore

24        F          60        sophomore

18        F          69        sophomore

25        M         72        sophomore

28        M         73        sophomore

19        M         68        sophomore

18        M         66        sophomore

23        M         71        sophomore

28        F          57        junior

27        F          58        junior

30        F          60        junior

35        F          60        junior

25        F          56        junior

27        M         72        junior

29        M         74        junior

28        M         70        junior

30        M         69        junior

32        M         69        junior

26        M         70        senior

40        M         70        senior

35        M         72        senior

32        M         71        senior

28        M         72        senior

29        F          59        senior

29        F          59        senior

31        F          58        senior

28        F          60        senior

30        F          60        senior

Subject Mathematics
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