Project #11176 - english 7


Assignment 7

What you have to do

Texts and Society: Into the World

The prescribed text used is the film Billy Elliot directed by Stephen Daldry.


There are THREE tasks to complete for this assignment. Both tasks are compulsory.

Task 1 – 20 marks

Responding to change

Choose ONE of the following tasks.

(a) A seventeen-year-old girl loves her hometown because of her friends and the natural beauty of the countryside. After graduating from high school, she decides to go to university to study in another town which is hundreds of miles away.

Write a diary account of her feelings about leaving.

(b) Imagine that you are a young person and your family has recently moved to a large city in another country. One of your parents has taken up a senior position with a multinational organisation there. You attend an international school with students from other Western countries such as the United States, Britain and France.

English is not the national language of the country and you have experienced difficulties and some comical misunderstandings in your day-to-day dealings with the locals.


Write a blog entry on your personal web page to describe the new situation and your feelings.

(c) A woman is unjustly convicted of the embezzlement of a large sum of money and serves three years in prison for the crime.

Write a letter from her point of view to a friend outlining how her feelings about her situation have changed over the three years.

Write 150 words or less.

Task 2 – 

Analysing related texts

Find TWO texts which relate to the idea of going ‘Into the World’. 

If you can, include copies of your texts, or links to them, when you send in your assignment.

For each text, write THREE paragraphs.

(a) Your first paragraph should briefly summarise the content of the text.

Make sure you identify what type of text it is, when and where it was published, and give the title of the text and the name of the composer.

What is the text about?

(b) Your second paragraph should discuss how the text relates to the notion of going ‘Into the World’.

What does the text say about going ‘Into the World’?

(c) Your third paragraph should provide examples of specific language features and structures used in the text which convey ideas, information and attitudes relating to the journey ‘Into the World’ which is described or addressed in the text.

How does the text convey its ideas and messages?

You should write 200 words or less on each text.

Finally, write a brief paragraph of 100 words or less in which you assess which of the two texts is more effective in conveying ideas and information about going ‘Into the World’.



Task 3 –

A graduation speech

You have been asked to give a graduation speech at a local community college to a group of people who are about to embark on a new phase of their lives.

You have chosen the following title for your speech:

‘Exploring the world within – new experiences and personal growth go hand in hand’

In your speech, refer to your prescribed text, Stephen Daldry’s film Billy Elliot, and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing. You might also like to speak about your own experiences.

Compose the script for your speech. Write 750 words or less.


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