Project #11102 - Project 1 Week 3

Project Overview

In this assignment, you will flowchart and write a computer program that uses the following structures from the C++ programming language:

  • File input/output (I/O)
  • Selection
  • Repetition
  • User- defined functions
  • Arrays and strings

Your program should demonstrate that you have a firm grasp of the programming structures and how to use them.

Part 1:

Research and deliver a flowchart of your programming project. (See the Resource section below for Flowchart resources.)


Part 2:

Using your Integrated Development Environment (IDE), write a simple text-based program (such as a simple game) with commented code. Your program must compile and run without errors and address the following points:

  • Comment your code appropriately
  • Read in data from a text file. This data should be part of your program configuration and/or initial starting state.
  • Use appropriate user defined functions
  • Use appropriate selection and repetition structures to allow your program to make decisions and repeat portions of code.
  • Must interact with the user through keyboard input and screen output.
  • Must contain at least one array.
  • Must contain at least one string.

Part 3:

Write a one-page summary expressing your opinion of the value gained by flowcharting your programming project in advance of writing program code. Describe how it affected your ability to write the software program and also provide an in-depth review of how the course can enhance your future career prospect.

Refer to the Course Schedule within the syllabus for specific project deliverables and due dates.


  • Flowchart
  • Software program
  • One-page summary document
  • Reflection – Document how the knowledge and skills learned in this course boost your chosen career. Will the documents generated above serve the purpose?


Part one/flowcart is due September 15
Part two/IDE section is due by september 22
Part three/summary is due by september 29


OS: Windows

Visual Studio, C++

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/30/2013 11:30 pm
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