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Introduction: The term Social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. In the words of Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein, social media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content (1).

            Through a social media platform people are free to communicate and address to thousands or even millions of people all over the world in a matter of seconds. There are three important factors that make social media a powerful tool of communication,

1.      Immediacy: Social media communication facilitates immediate and quick information sharing.

2.      Omnipresence: There are hundreds of millions of individuals who access social media platforms, therefore it is practically everywhere, social media communication provides an easy access to share information to larger group of audience

3.      Availability: The social media platform is available to any individual through an Internet connection while sitting in office or mobile. There are no such limitations for accessing the social media.

Awareness to the Potential Customers: The main purpose of this project is to promote the services that my organization “John Pest Control Solution” offers customers. John Pest Control Solution is a franchise model business enterprise in which each franchise serves a specific geographical area. The biggest challenge that has been faced by our company faces is to educate and aware the consumers about our services. Quite simply, most people are not aware about the company and services which are offered to them. Using the social media space I can see a great potential and ability to tackle this issue by educating the followers and creating brand awareness about our company. 

Primarily I need to introduce about my company John Pest Control Solution. We are a service provider that offers a permanent solution to control the pests. Our own product formulation and manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art quality control, analysis and research and development facilities. We have our own laboratories which are equipped with modern facilities which and is engaged in the propagation and production of various biological control agents and bio-pesticides and spearheads the company’s commitment towards environment-friendly pest management techniques. We serve customers to three main categories:

1.      Industries

2.      Household premises

3.      Commercial and offices

A majority of the time this still isn’t enough information for consumers to understand what we do. With over 5 decades of experience, we at John Pest Control Solution reaffirm our commitment: that of providing comprehensive, one-stop solutions in our field of expertise.

Educating consumers is extremely important for me and my business as it helps to accomplish several objectives. It instills our organization as a leader and an expert in our service areas. Imparting the education to the potential customers and make them learn something new through our communications will help us developing the trust, value and enhance our brand image.

Our business referrals mainly come through plumbers, carpenters, architects, property managers etc. Since this class of people are the most educated about our services and what we do while the general audience is rarely aware about our company and services offered by us. Therefore by educating general audience will help us to strengthen our brand and also help in cutting down our marketing channel.

Imagine a customer opens us an old suite case in which he has kept his memorable belongings, and find that the suite case and the belongings have been spoiled by the termite, he immediately call us local for a local help, who in-turn guides him/ her to avail the services offered by our company to avoid getting this type of problem in future. Here lies the gap, i.e. our services are being used not as a first choice to prevent any such incidence, rather to avoid repeated incidence. Therefore by educating the customers we can possibly circumvent these types of issues by embedding ourselves in their mind so that we become the preferred choice and option to prevent any such incidence.

Selecting Social Media Tools: This social media plan will involve three main stream social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to manage the entire campaign.  Posts for this campaign will aim to be informative to the potential customers. The primary goal is be to build brand awareness while educating potential customers about the dimensions of services offered by us. Social media proves to be effective in increasing awareness and solidifying brand awareness. In order to be successful posts will need to be unique and tactful in their approach. The campaign will aim to provide unique content that evolves fans and followers to keep them interested. Promoting John Pest Control Solution will rely on providing the relevant information and education to the customers. 

Gaining Followers & Making Connections: This campaign will focus on gaining followers and connections to improve general outreach and potential work opportunities. It will also focus on the business activities of John Pest Control Solution. Having followers is the most important part of being on a social network. After all what’s the point of implementing a campaign if it has no reach.

This basic difference in this campaign will that it will just not focus only on a particular concept such as educating direct consumers. This campaign will also focus on connecting with businesses to business connections to help improve business opportunities. This is important to the overall growth and financial health of the organization.  

There are several industries and local organization which are important to the marketing mix strategy to our organization. We can receive leads from several different fields including real estate, insurance agents, property managers, plumbers, etc. While we carry out standard business to business marketing techniques to continue connected to these connections, nevertheless using social media tools will help us congeal existing relationships and discover new opportunities in these areas. Advantage of using social network is summarized below

1.      LinkedIn: It is a tool to find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals needed to accomplish individual’s goals. It gives us the advantage to have complete control over what others see and read about individual and their organizations. This gives a unique opportunity to showcase your skills, services offered by your organization (5). For instance If I discover an agent in the Syracuse, NY area who I want to market to on LinkedIn I will send them a personalized message explaining why I would like to connect. I will share information that is relevant and compel the individual to avail the services. For communicating with an architect I might share our customer satisfaction survey results as this information would be an important factor for them when making a referral. The most used network for this campaign will be LinkedIn as this will enable me to conduct business and become active in conversations and discussion groups to help establish my professional presence in turn helping my grown my network and business opportunities.


2.      Facebook: Though Facebook is more famous as a social media tool that offers sharing of thoughts, post articles and links that might be of interest to your friends etc. It also establishes a profile that clearly communicates about the professional services/ products which are offered the users. It is a platform that can clearly communicate for interior designers. This is noted that large organizations, including many major consumer brands, are using ‘fan pages’ to market products and services to consumers, as well as to drive traffic to the careers pages on traditional websites (5). Likewise following and engaging with businesses on Facebook will be done to initiate contact with businesses and fan pages, creating fan groups etc.

                                i.            Facebook Pages - Facebook’s Profile page essentially will gives the base about my company and service. User will be able to learn about my company the service from the Profile page. It will also allow me to develop my image and make presence, engage audience, and share their message on a common platform. This will also allow me to create discussion boards, upload videos and photos of products and marketing collaterals (6).

                              ii.            Facebook Groups – By creating a community of fans and users, I will be able to create a Group page which has exclusivity for the customers and fans. I can upload documents, create group events, and share news exclusively to the members of the group (6).


3.      Twitter:   Twitter is one of the important social media services that will enable me to participate actively in online word of-mouth communication. . By creating a Twitter account I will be in position to follow other people to receive their tweets, and updates. In concern to Word-of-mouth communication on Twitter, it has been found that about one fifth of all tweets contain the name of a brand, product, or service (7). Therefore Twitter can play a vital role in marketing. So a service provider Twitter account will give me advantage of Word-of-mouth communication on and expand horizons to market the product among different categories of customers.

Factors affecting Social Marketing Media: Social Media Marketing s is highly influenced by three aspects

1.      Content Quality: In the social media community the firms should start writing more effective posts. An effective post should reflect humbleness, honesty, and conciseness (3). The contents should also be informative to satisfy the customers’ need for information and experts’ opinions

2.      Involvement: It is always important to maintain the content relevancy within customers’ main interests and to not overwhelm the customers with too many posts/messages, which is really important in keeping customers engaged. Timing is also a critical factor for building trust and long-term relationships through social media sites (2)

3.      Integration with the other media platform: It is very well quoted that “social media is a marathon-you can’t reach the finish line without patience and determination. That’s why diversification is so important” (4) and it can provide never ending opportunities in most cost effective way. A research has established that a buyers will trust more its peer review that a traditional advertisements. Therefore it is always recommended to integrate media platforms for enhancing the effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing Measurement: The essence of this campaign will be to utilize the communication aspect of social media to target and connect with businesses and individuals that are high value targets. There is no hard formula to calculate Return on Investment (ROI), because Social Media mostly involve human interactions which cannot be calculated using mathematical calculation (3), still measuring the success of this campaign will be determined as follows:           

1.      LinkedIn: The efficiency of the profile will be evaluated assessing the total number of connections made, recommendations by other professionals and colleagues and by assessing total number of times the profile has been visited and searched others.

2.      Facebook: The success factor would be evaluated by the Volume of updates, number of likes, number of likes number of comments, number of shares, number of click-throughs to your site via Facebook and other activity on Facebook.

3.      Twitter: The success using Twitter can be calculated by daily measurement of Outbound updates, inbound tweets, outbound @ replies, number of re-tweets (RTs) and the number of click-throughs to your site via Twitter.

The results for this campaign will be relatively tangible and evaluating these three factors will determine the success of this campaign. Few analytical tools like Google Analytics, Klout,, TwentyFeet are also available which help in measuring the success of Social Media Tools.














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