Project #10937 - summary /analysis

Assessment details including Criteria and Standards

Assessment 1: Summaries/ Article Review (1000 words)

Due Date

August 23rd at 5pm


This assignment is submitted as follows: Written work with total word count of 1000 words to be submitted to essay boxes in Building 5 Bankstown. The assignment is divided into two parts: summary/ analysis of an article handed out in week 2 and a series of three short summaries. The word limit for the summary/ analysis of the article handed out in week 2 is 850 and 150 words in total for the other summaries.

This assignment needs to be run through Turnitin.


In this assignment you are expected to:

·         Demonstrate that you understand the concept of the sociological imagination and that you can reflect sociologically on your own experiences.

·         Demonstrate that you can identify and summarise the key points and arguments in an academic article

·         Demonstrate that you can critically evaluate those points and arguments.

·         Write using academic conventions.

Assessment Description

·         Summarise and evaluate the academic article to be distributed at end of Week 2 and reflect on your own educational experiences and aspirations in the light of this reading. (Include 50 word summaries of the Durkheim, Mills and Jencks/Riesman readings from Weeks 1&2 at the end of the assignment)


Total value: 20%

Assessment Requirements

  • Writing Style: Answers must have the appropriate syntax, spelling and general presentation.
  • Relevance: The content of answers must be relevant and directly respond to the question.
  • Well-informed: While this assignment does not require further research beyond the compulsory reading, your answer must show that you are well-informed about the topic area.
  • Your own thinking and your own words must be used.
  • Organisation: In the short space you have to answer each question, you must ensure that what you write is logically ordered.
  • Referencing: The assessment must be properly referenced with an appropriate bibliography/reference list.

Assessment Criteria

The assignment will be assessed on the quality of the responses in directly answering the question asked by using a cross section of the theories introduced.

Both parts of the assignment must be completed.

Marking Criteria


See form below for the marking criteria

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/21/2013 12:00 am
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