Project #1087 - Chemistry

Answer the Questions using the following periodic table attached


1) Here is the reaction for the combinine of copper with oxygen to make patina, or copper (I) oxide.  Patina is the green stuff on the outside of the Statue of Liberty.

4 Cu   +   O2  --->   2 Cu2O

If 2.0 moles of copper (I) oxide is formed, how many moles of copper metal and how many moles of oxygen will it require?

  ________ moles copper                    __________ moles oxygen


What if 10.0 moles of copper (I) oxide is formed, how many moles of copper metal and how many moles of oxygen gas will it require?

   ___________ moles copper                    _________ moles oxygen


What if we started with 0.40 moles of copper, how many moles of copper (I) oxide will we be able to make?  How many moles of oxygen will we need to react completely with the copper?

___________ moles Cu2O                    ___________ moles oxygen


2) This is the chemical reaction for the combustion of butane:

2C4H10  +  13O2  ---->  8CO2  +  10H2O

Using this balanced equation, solve the following questions. 

I. If 101g of butane is burned (C4H10), how many moles of oxygen will be needed?

a. First, how many grams does one mole of butane weigh?       _________g/mol
Warning: Use the masses from the periodic table provided

b. Now, how many moles of butane is represented by 101g?       101g butane = ____________ moles butane
Warning: Use 3 significant digits.

c. Can you use the molar ratio of butane and oxygen to figure out the moles of oxygen needed to burn the butane?     ___________ moles oxygen


II.  If 3.5 moles of oxygen are used in the reaction, how many grams of carbon dioxide will be produced?

a) With the 3.5 moles of oxygen, use the molar ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide to calculate the moles of carbon dioxide. _______ moles CO2

b) Now you know the moles of carbon dioxide, determine how many grams this represents. __________ grams CO2



3) Magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to form hydrogen gas.

Mg   +   2HCl   ---->    MgCl2   +   H2

Use the balanced chemical equation to determine the following stoichiometric calculations.

A. What mass of HCl is consumed by the reaction of 2.50 moles of magnesium?   ________ g HCl

B. What mass of MgCl2 is produced if 3.67 moles of HCl react?      ___________ g MgCl2

C. How many moles of hydrogen gas are produced when 3.0 moles of magnesium react?   ________ moles H2



4) Ammonia ( NH) decomposes in the presence of oxygen in the soil as part of the nitrogen cycle

4NH3   +   3O2 ---->    2N2  +    6H2O

Use the balanced equation above to answer the stoichiometry questions.

A. How many moles of oxygen react with 0.23 moles of NH3?     ____________ moles O2

B. How many grams of water will be produced if 0.55 moles of oxygen react?    _________ g H2O

C. How many moles of nitrogen gas will be produced if 12.6 grams of ammonia react?     __________ moles N2









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