Project #10823 - Quantitative Methods

1.There is a fixed cost $50,000 to start a production process. Once the process has begun, the 

variable cost per unit is $25. The revenue per unit is projected to be $45. 

a. Write an expression for total cost.

b. Write an expression for total revenue.

c. Write an expression for total profit 

D. Find the break-even point


2.The sanders garden shop mixes two types of grass seed into a blend. Each type of grass has been rated

according to its shade tolerance, ability to stand up to traffic, and drought resistance, as shown in the 

table. Type A seed costs $1 and Type B seed costs $2. If the blend needs to score at least 300 points for 

shade tolerance, 400 points for traffic resistance, and 750 points for drought resistance, how many 

pounds of each seed should be in the blend? Which targets will be exceeded? How much will the blend cost?

A. List all variables 

B. Graph the solutions

C. Calculate the values of A and B

D. Calculate the value of the objective function 

E. Show all your work 


Type A Type B

Shade Tolerance11

Traffic Resistance21

Drought Resistance25


3. A furniture store has set aside 800 square feet to display its sofas and chairs. Each sofa utilizes 50 sq. ft. and each chair utilizes 30 sq. ft. At least five sofas and at least five chairs are to be displayed. 

a. Write a mathematical model representing the stores constraints

b Suppose the profit on sofas is $200 and on chairs is $100. On a given day, the probability that a displayed sofa will be sold is .03 and that a displayed chair will be sold is .05. Mathematically model each of the following objectives:

1. Maximize the total pieces of furniture displayed

2. Maximize the total expected number of daily sales.

3. Maximize the total expected daily profit. 

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/17/2013 12:00 am
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