Project #106798 - Business Ethics Paper Proposal

1.     Paper Proposal (10%)

The proposal should be 2 pages, typed, double-spaced. References can be an additional 1 page for a total of 3 pages. When writing this proposal, please cover the following components:


  1. Topic Statement: State your topic in the form of a question.

·       What does the literature say about why this is an important topic?

·       Provide evidence as to why this is an important and relevant topic to study.


  1. CSR/Ethics Issue:  Outline the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY or ETHICAL ISSUE you propose to study?

·       What are the strategic drivers?

·       Which stakeholders/publics care about this issue?  Where are they located? 

·       What is the business and social context?


  1. Approach & Organization: Outline your approach to the question.

·       What research material will be helpful?

·       How will you organize your material?

·       What strategic drivers and/or stakeholder(s) do you propose to address?


  1. Sources & Support: You must identify at least four academic sources.

·       Data (such as census material, government reports or newspaper articles) are in addition to the four academic sources. If in doubt as to whether your sources are academic, please consult the instructor.


  1. Topic: You will have the topic formally approved when you have prepared a satisfactory proposal. Once the proposal is approved you are committed to the topic you have selected. Your term paper will not be accepted without a proposal having been presented and approved on time. The TA for the course will keep notes on your proposal topic to make sure it is consistent with your final paper.



The range of possible topics is broad.  For example, you may seek to address one or more aspects of a topic/issue. Below are a wide range of examples:


Business + social, economic, environmental conditions

Issues related to industry sectors, regulation, or government policy

CSR as business strategy or market/consumer opportunity

·       The BP Oil Spill & clean up

·       2012 Bangladesh garment factory collapse

·       2008 and 2011 Global food price spikes

·       The fast food workers “Living Wage” campaign

·       Hydrologic petroleum “fracking” & oil sand extraction

·       Gender wage discrimination

·       “Right to work” vs. “Right to organize”

·       The localization of food & food sovereignty

·       Genetically modified foods


·       U.S. Subprime Mortgage Crisis

·       The Global Financial Crisis

·       Public versus private prison development

·       Public versus private automobile insurance

·       The Fukushima nuclear disaster and clean up

·       The implementation and impact of NAFTA

·       Canadian European Trade Agreement (CETA)

·       Biofuel production

·       The criminalization, legalization, and regulation of medical cannabis

·       Financial credit exclusion vs. inclusion (i.e. access to consumer credit)

·       Temporary foreign workers programs

·       Mandatory vs. voluntary product labeling standards

·       Public-private corporate partnerships

·       Public and private surveillance (i.e. monitoring, tracking, recording, and record keeping)

·       Internet privacy, surveillance, and regulation

·       Resource extraction and land-treaty rights

Examples of industry or category- specific approaches to CSR:


·       Organic products

·       Social impact investing

·       Ethically sourced products

·       Renewable energy

·       Building sustainability concepts into product concepts


Examples of company-specific approaches to CSR:


·       Minute Maid mango

·       Canada Goose

·       Body Shop

·       Ben & Jerry’s

·       GAP Adventure Travels

·       Maple Leaf Foods

·       Unilever

·       Walmart

·       Bell “Let’s Talk” campaign

·       Vancouver Aquarium vs Marine Land



These topics are only examples, students are not limited to topics above.  Students are responsible for:

·       Choosing a topic and specific issues within their topic

·       Addressing these within the analytical scope and page limit of their proposal and term paper

·       Following the instructions outlined above.

The topic I would like to focus on would be The BP Oil SPill & Clean up


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/04/2016 04:00 pm
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