Project #106703 - essay

English 101
Winter 2016
Culture and Education

During the next several weeks we will be working towards a Personal Response Essay on the topic of Culture and Education. Activities will include reading, classroom and online discussions, drafting and revising a paper, and peer review.

This week:

  1. To begin, I want you to think about the cultural influences that have impacted your education. Please post your responses to the following questions into the Culture and Education discussion by Friday (1.15) at midnight, and post at least two responses to your peers by Sunday (1.17) at midnight. Please, as always, use specific examples to support your claims.

    • What is culture? Before you answer, please read the description of culture from Texas A and M University in the MODULE for this section. (Notice that it has a general focus towards the implications of culture and business-related activities.) What in these definitions rings true for you? What doesn’t?

    • How have cultural influences impacted your educational experience?

  2. While you are engaged in this discussion, you should be reading Writing About Literature, in the MODULE for this section. Pay attention to the sections on close reading, and on how to construct and support an argument. (The Brief Overview of Major Theoretical Paradigms is interesting, but we won’t worry too much about these paradigms in this class.)

  3. Finally, please look through the four essays for this section. You’ll find them in the MODULE and/or in CLASS READINGS. You are encouraged to read all of them, but you will choose at least one as the subject for your Personal Response essay and bring a copy of your chosen essay to class with you on 1.20.

The essays include:
Graduation, by Maya Angelou
I Just Wanna Be Average, by Mike Rose
Learning to Read, by Malcolm X
On Learning to Read and Write, Frederick Douglass (This one is in Class Readings.)

Next Week:

1. In preparation for your first formal writing assignment, please review the Grammar Modules available through the EdCC Writing Center link in the button bar on the left of our CANVAS page. I hope these will be mostly review for you. However, if you struggle with them, you should probably do some of the



additional activities that are available at the end of each grammar module. Your Writers Reference will also be helpful if you have any trouble areas.

2. Re-read the essay you have selected and begin writing based on the strategies you have studied in Writing About Literature and the description of Personal Response Essay on p. 24. At a minimum, your response should address these questions:

  • "  What are the connections between culture and education in this essay?

  • "  How does the author describe the tensions that arise from the cultural pressures described in the essay?

  • "  What is the author’s response?

  • "  To which specific experience and/or quotes do feel most connected

    and why?

    Remember that you will be writing an essay that integrates your answers to these questions into a coherent whole. Do not simply answer the questions in order and call it an essay. And, as always, use specific quotes from the essay(s) to support your claims, and correctly site them in MLA formatting. (Note the English 101 Citation Guide on the button bar and pay particular information on how to correctly cite PDFs from the web!)

" Post your draft papers to your assignmed peer group for Peer Review no later than midnight 1.26. You should complete and return your peer reviews by Friday, 1.29. and turn in your revised papers to class on 2.3.

As always, please direct your questions to the General Questions Discussion. If you post these questions to me directly, I will simply ask you do post in this Discussion, so you might as well start there!


this is my discussion:

Culture is something that people do it for generations. The Parents teach them the same culture to their kids such as; words, gestures, pictures, or object that carry a meaning and characteristic. Even sometimes the parents didn’t teach their kids, they would follow what their parents doing. For example, I have seen a short movie that their kids are following what their parents doing. If the parents swore something, their kids will follow it. If the parents smoke cigarette, the kids will smoke cigarette as well. The kids will follow what they parents doing. For me, the definition is really true for me. Because my mother always teach me about what words I can used at home and always be polite with other people, because of that I never swear anything in my house. If I swear in my house my mom will mad at me. At last, as a people, we cannot stay away from culture.


Culture influences me a lot with my education. In my family, we need to graduate from university. And after I finish my school my father asked me to help with their work and he will teach me about works. If I am going back to my home town, my father always asked me to go to his factory to start study about work. 


and for the review of the article that i read is here :

 Learning to read by Malcolm X is about understanding. It’s a self-education of Malcolm X, this article is about express of himself and convey his idea. He through a lot of hard things to become likes this.

            He is improving his handwriting and reading skill to get his own persona. He is not depressed because he is in the prison, even he become more passionate on reading. As 7 years in the prison makes he has a lot of things to write in his story.

            In his story, he avoid all of the harsh description and just show the good thing in the prison such as; reading, debating, and striving. The image of Malcolm X in prison is very not complete. It also makes a different meaning of the understanding. It is an aspirational of how people lose their strive for perfection. The shocking thing is that the white colonisers wright about other races and about how they covered by the whitening of the history. Malcolm doesn’t want the black race is remain unheard and ignored.


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/03/2016 01:00 pm
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