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the school and program is Temple University with GLOBAL MBA




This is my past experience : i create the first generation of capsule hotel equipment in china with my team

However, the most valuable experience for me was the participation in the 


development of a new generation product of capsule hotel where I have acquired 


many practical skills in the real business world.  From 2012 to 2013, I worked as the 


assistant in the Product Research and Development Department of Shenzhen City 


Pengheng Hotel Management Ltd.. I worked part-time at school and full-time in 


summer vacation. My main duty was assisting the Product R&D manager for 


researching and development. Through the great efforts made by the team members 


and I, we successfully developed a brand new capsule hotel product which contains a 


lot of creative appliances and equipment. For example, it owns android TV, safe-box, 


sliding door and smart lock, “Slowly-back memory cotton” mattress and pillow which 


was first used by NASA for protection of astronauts. More comfortable and energy-


saving, but lower costing than traditional economy hotels, the product was popular in 


China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and US. What’s more, it was awarded the Prize of 


Idea-Tops in 2013, which proved that our product was highly successful.  From 2013 


till now, I was assigned as the Assistant of General Manager because of my overseas 


education background and global business thinking. During this period, I received the 


professional training and learnt the product promoting skills from successful business 


leaders. By immersing myself into the process of business plan writing, I was exposed 


to making market researches, analysis and business strategies within a team and got to 


know the whole operation process of international business. All above not only 


enhanced my capabilities in interpersonal communication, leadership and logical 


thinking, but also equipped me with an in-depth understanding of various roles in the 


global business market.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/03/2016 11:00 am
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