Project #105718 - International Issues Paper

                                                      International Issues Paper

Knowledge about globalization and culturally diverse populations and systems are important to generalist practice!  How do nations’ policies address social problems differently?  What historical issues must be addressed? Are the issues the same abroad as they are in the US? How would you, as a social worker in another country, effect change?

Papers that contain any form of plagiarism is ZERO!!!!

*Use APA format to cite your sources—NO EXCEPTIONS!


*Choose two different foreign countries

Please don’t choose from this countries: Nigeria, China, and USA

*Describe the social make-up of each country (location, population, ethnic groups, languages, religions, education, etc.)

*Describe the economic make-up of each country (economy, household income, workforce/employment, major sources of industry, etc.)

*Describe the political make-up of each country (government structure, leaders, etc.)   

*Choose two major social issues/problems these countries have in common, and address the following questions in your analysis:

o   What are the two social problems? Describe their depth and breadth.

o   Which specific population(s) is/are impacted?

o   What social policy efforts have been taken to reduce or eliminate the problems?

o   Who supports these efforts?  How do they support these efforts?

o   Have these efforts been successful?

o   Are those efforts congruent with social work values? Justify your argument.

o   Are those efforts supported by social justice theories?  Justify your argument.

o   If you were a LBSW in those countries, what actions would you take to improve the efforts already made to reduce or eliminate the problems?

§  Which social work values and ethics support your actions?

§  What research supports your actions?

§  Which theories support your actions?

§  Do you think your actions would be feasible in those countries current social/political climates?

§  Present a clearly worded description of how you would evaluate the effectiveness of your actions.


References page (part B):

*The References page must be in correct APA format and include at least 5 reputable sources.



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Due By (Pacific Time) 02/27/2016 12:00 am
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