Project #1050 - data base design

Project 2


CSCI 4333.01

Fall 2012

Instructor: Dr. Xinhua Chen

Assigned: 10/22/2012

Due: 10/29/2012 



I.       Aims

1.     Learn how to normalize relations to 3NF and BCNF.

2.     Learn how to create tables using Microsoft Access.

3.     Learn how to create queries using Microsoft Access.

4.     Learn how to create Microsoft Access Forms that includes some GUI controls and VBA coding.


II.     Procedures           

1.     For each table in the list of tables of Project 1, identify functional dependencies and normalize the relations to 3NF and BCNF. Then decide whether the resulting tables should be implemented in BCNF or 3NF. If you decide to use 3NF rather than BCNF, explain why. Give the final schema for the relational model.

2.     Update the data dictionary and the list of assumptions as needed.

3.     Start a blank Access database then create tables manually (without the use Wizard) using the relational model.

4.     Specify relationships between related tables using the GUI of Microsoft Access. Must specify "Enforce referential integrity" for the relationships. Also check the "Cascade update related fields" option. It is up to you to decide whether or not to check the "Cascade delete related fields" option. In your submitted document, explain the meanings of both checkboxes, including the implications of checked or unchecked options.

5.          Manually populate the tables with testing data.

6.          Create at least 10 SELECT queries using the Query Designer of Microsoft Access. The decision of making such queries will be based on how the queries will provide useful information to the users.

7.          Create a Form with some GUI controls for the user to access the queries you created in Step 5. You may use the Group control, or the List Box control, or the Combo Box control, or a subform to list your queries, and use a Command Button to execute the selected query.


III.   Submission

Your completed project should contain a Microsoft Access data file and a Microsoft Word document file. The PDF format can be used in lieu of the Word document. Compress all files into a single file using Windows Explorer, and then submit the compressed file using Bb9.


this is all needs to be done with this information for porject 1 any help getting this done apreciated lost its due the 10/29.2012

Purpose of database: simplify management process of Photography Studio, develop a system, which allows is easy way to notify by photographers’ schedule.



Step 1.1 – Write out the format of every input document that provides information to be stored in the database.


Customer fills in this form before meeting with photographer.

Inquiry Form


Client Last Name: ____________________________ First Name: _____________________________

Cell phone: ______________________________ Address:

City: ____________________________________       State: _____Zip: __________________

Type: ___ Corporative ___ Individual


Photo shoot information

Event category:  ___portrait photo-shoot    ___ wedding   ___ graduation   ___ award ceremony   ___ conference   ___ reception     ___ other


Date: _______________ Time: _____________ Place: ___________________________________________

Name of photographer: __________________________________________________________________

Name of assistant (not for portrait photo-shoot): ______________________________________________________________________________________




This form is used by customer for providing payments.

Payment Form


Client Last Name: ____________________________ First Name: _____________________________

Contract ID: ____________________________

Stage of contract: _____________________________   Amount: _________________________

Account for payment: __________________________

Date of payment: _________________________                     Signature: __________________________


Italic fields should be filled by office manager or system.


Step 1.2 Write out the format of every routine report to be produced using the database.


1. Photographer Schedule. This is an internal report used to get photographer’s timetable for each period.

Photographer Schedule

(for ID;

from, till, default = weekly period)


Photographer: (fname, lname)


Date and time beginning

Completion date and time

Customer name                             

Contact phone number


Event category

9/26/2012 9:30

9/26/2012 10:30

John Smith

123 456 78 90


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/29/2012
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