Project #10488 - Wk3 Questions

 Answer questions Keep in mind that many of the answers are subjective, which means that I am looking for in-depth responses demonstrating your understanding of the material.

1.Define the term organizational change and explain why it is important to technical professionals.

2. Why is it so important for technology companies to anticipate the need for change?

3.Explain why people resist change.

4.Explain the rationale for establishing the change leadership team.

5.List and explain the various sources of organizational change.

6.List and explain the various challenges to making organizational change.

7. What are the six pillars of change, how are they related, and how can technical professionals use them?  Nafta being adopted by congress is an example of which pillar?

8. How can a change agent recognize passive resistance to change?

9.Who should serve on the change leadership team and why?  According to the text, what challenges were apparent with Boeing 747 and what changes were made? 

10.  What is meant by pushing in the context of establishing an effective leadership team?

11.As a result of the “Johnny can’t read syndrome”, what innovations have been spawned?

12.  The anticipatory approach is:

a)      An option that requires that technology companies stay focused on the horizon to identify well in advance any environmental changes in their business environment

b)      An option that is forced on organizations that fail to anticipate change, but at least respond once the need becomes obvious

c)      An option that is forced on organizations that not only fail to anticipate change, but  actually persist in denying the need for it in spite of clear signals

d)     An option to regain market some, although not all of an organizations lost market share


13.  Who is the only person that should automatically have membership on the change leadership team?

14.  What is the level of difficulty and relative cost within the realm of the crisis approach?

15.  _________________________ should be solicited soon enough after the completion of a project that the customer’s memory and impressions are still fresh, but not so soon that the customer has had sufficient time to even ponder the questions.

16.  In regards to benchmarking, what analogy was used within the text AND how was the approach/information was used for evaluation.  Is benchmarking a successful way to analyze the need for change? why or why not?

17.  In 1914, what change did James Couzens and Henry Ford implement for higher production?  Why this change was needed, what was the outcome?

18.  Why is it important to make stakeholders the heroes?

19.  Who should serve on the change leadership team?

20.  Write a brief job description for the change leadership team explaining what it does.


What quote was given by John F. Kennedy in terms of change? Explain what is meant by this.



Information from  

Goetsch, D. L., & Richburg, J. R. (2005). Effective change management: ten steps for technical professionals. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall.




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