Project #10084 - 050182RR - RESEARCH AND MLA CITATION

1. The MLA format for citing a book has six parts, beginning with the author's name. What appears in the

fifth position?

A. Publisher

B. Place of publication

C. Medium

D. Date

2. Suppose that you're going to interview someone in preparation for writing a research paper on teaching

techniques for macroeconomics. For this topic, who would be the best person to interview?

A. The president of a university

B. A student in a macroeconomics course

C. A professor of macroeconomics

D. An economist

3. Which of the following is an example of opinion?

A. The color blue sometimes signifies sadness or depression.

B. Organic food should be made more affordable.

C. The Canadian men's hockey team won the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

D. Abraham Lincoln presented the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863.

4. What should you include in a keyword search when you wish broaden the search and find any

documents containing at least one of a list of two or more terms?

A. *




5. Which of the following is not a good technique for learning your way around a library?

A. Taking a formal or guided tour of the library.

B. Reviewing the library website.

C. Consulting with the librarians.

D. Wandering around without a purpose the first time you visit

6. What should you do if you can't find all the needed elements for an MLA citation of an Internet source?

A. Make up the missing information.

B. Omit a citation for the source.

C. Contact the website to get the missing information.

D. List the information that you do find in the normal order and format.

7. You're preparing an essay on working conditions in a shirt factory. Which of the following tips does your

text offer for doing that effectively?

A. Evaluate your dominant first impressions.

B. Visit a different factory first so you can compare the two.

C. Finalize your thesis before beginning your research.

D. Skip taking notes since they can influence your opinion.

8. Which of the following do you not normally need to take into consideration when determining if an

author is biased?

A. The author's background and its effects on the writing

B. Your age as a reader

C. The tone of the writing

D. The descriptive and connotative language used in the writing

9. Why should academic writers use the third-person point of view for a research paper?

A. When using this point of view, you can easily switch to a different point of view.

B. This point of view allows you to be more objective in your writing.

C. This point of view limits your credibility.

D. This point of view keeps your writing simple.

10. You're working to come up with an interesting topic. Which of the following terms would not apply to

that effort?

A. Novel

B. Manageable

C. Breaking

D. Practical

11. Prewriting can be helpful when trying to narrow a topic because it

A. sorts good ideas from bad.

B. can reveal an idea that may become your thesis.

C. helps you eliminate ideas that would support your thesis.

D. can usually be submitted as the final essay.

12. Of the following, which system of note-taking would be the most appropriate to use while doing

research for a paper?

A. Making a notecard for each source

B. Highlighting all unfamiliar terms within each source

C. Memorizing information for each source

D. Copying and pasting source text to use, without citation, within the final paper

13. When skimming a source, one helpful guideline to follow is to

A. pay no attention to any pictures, maps, or charts.

B. read the first sentence of each paragraph.

C. skip the first and last paragraphs.

D. read the entire source.

14. Why is it helpful to search for a bibliography on a topic?

A. A bibliography provides only books you can use as sources.

B. Once you complete the basic bibliography search, you're finished finding sources.

C. A bibliography search normally isn't helpful.

D. A bibliography can provide you with a list of various sources on your topic.

15. Which of the following is an example of a primary source?

A. A biography of Benjamin Franklin

B. A website that tells stories about Benjamin Franklin

C. Benjamin Franklin's diary

D. A journal article that reviews various reports on Benjamin Franklin

16. Which of the following is a true statement about an MLA Works Cited page?

A. The Works Cited page should contain any information you found when completing research.

B. The Works Cited page should immediately follow the conclusion and be on the same page.

C. The Works Cited page should be alphabetized.

D. The Works Cited page requires no special formatting.

17. What can an assumption do to an essay?

A. An assumption can strengthen a thesis.

B. An assumption can cause an essay to present incorrect information and ideas.

C. An assumption can give a writer something to base the rest of the essay on.

D. An assumption can make an argument more valid.

18. In MLA style, how long must a quote be to be a block quotation?

A. 50 words or more

B. More than 4 lines

C. More than 8 lines

D. More than 2 lines

19. Why is it better to rely on information from scholarly journals, not magazines, in academic writing?

A. Authors in scholarly journals are generally specialists in their field.

B. Scholarly journals are more entertaining, magazines are more reliable

End of exam

C. Scholarly journals are more difficult to find.

D. Magazines are entertaining, which means they can't be educational.

20. Regarding the punctuation of quotations, which of the following sentences is correct?

A. The decision was unequivocal: "The Constitution permits legislative review" (Quayle 128).

B. As Longstreet and Smyth report "There is no exception to the rule" (136).

C. Grant and Farrell argue that "charges of Wall Street corruption are nothing new. (43)"

D. Leslie and Farmer, declared, "Life among the Lakota is in accord with nature (68)."

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